Saturday, 3 March 2012


Hi all, thanks for your comments on my wooly mountain, it is all put away now back on the Expedit in my room and erm other places around the house.

So a couple of weeks ago it was a super sunny day so we let the bunnies have a little bit of a play on the grass. So we took the opportunity to take some pics of our gorgeous gals.

We love having them in the house, but boy are they messy, they are shedding like mad so there is fluffy everywhere. I let them have a little play in their hutch the other day, and will prob move them back outside once the clocks go forward at the end of the month.

Hard to believe we have had them a year this month!

Wilma is a million times easier to photograph than little Olive bless her, these pics have just arrived today along with the rest of my feb 2012 photos so I'm going to finish up Jan 2012 pages and then get started on these.

Im still having a lovely time off work and have been on loads of adventures and got lots of pics to share.

Hope you like my bunny pics

Happy Saturday

Rach xx

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