Saturday, 10 March 2012

A week off (photo heavy)

So bit backwards order but we/I took loads of pics while we were off so here we go!

Me and my MOH drove up home to attend a wedding fair to check out chair covers, centre pieces etc

Obviously we stopped by my parents for sunday dinner.

Me and Rob stayed up late on Sunday night because we could, it was about midnight in this pic lol!


i woke up and read a bit of my book in bed, had a driving lesson.

then chilled out with the bunnies

i sat and did a bit of baby knitting

we sat and chilled out and watched films.


loomed and as did my test!

And i passed yippee!

Rob has got obsessed with the garden as it slowly warms up

we went for a celebratory lunch

and a film- We went to see The Muppets! 

we were the only ones in the cinema so took this pic which is all white and funny!

I started the sleeves for the baby cardi

Rob got me sorted on the insurance and made me drive to town!

We went and bought some cinema tickets and went to look at suits for the wedding, this is a pretty dull task i have to say.

we then headed off to the Red Hot Buffet, we got our timing all wrong and missed the start of the film doh! Really good film though and exciting to see Hawaii!

We came home and i started to put all my wool away that was still lying on the floor in the spare room.

all done!
So L-R super chunky with 4ply added, chunky,
2nd row- DK and aran! My style craft is all in a different place.

I wound a bit of my wool that i had frogged and was now in a messy pile.

I was getting my hair cut the next day so i was looking for some layering styles.


was a super sunny day as i walked to the hairdresser


i came home to some lovely cards :)

the sun was shining so i headed outside.

I felt a pretty perfect afternoon sitting in the sun knitting listening to podcasts with my bunnies close by.

and then Millie from next day joined us!

Later in the afternoon we (Rob) drove up home again to our wedding venue to try the meals we were thinking of picking for the big day.

Geez this place is pretty! Its nearly been a year since we were last here when we booked it.

we had the whole restaurant to ourselves

We had some yummy meals it was really fun and  we ran through the order of the day which was exciting, knowing what we are gonna be doing at each part of the day.

It was about 9pm now and we headed back to my parents for the night.

I got a lovely bunch of celebratory flowers.


Next morning while the rest of my family were at work me and Rob headed out for a couple of hours to meet up with our friends and the gorgeous Elijah.

this is my awesome parenting skills being put into practise lol

i seriously had to old on tight around the water.

we went to the little park too

took some fun pics

and one of me and Ol

We had a lovely time, and then i drove over to the best butchers in the land and headed to granny and granddads house for lunch. I can't tell you how strange it was to be driving round my home town in our little car, weird!

So i decided to brave the motorway going back to Leeds, Im hoping to get back home more now i can drive so thought be great to do half the journey while rob was there.

I went really well, the usual stupid/mean truck/bus/lorry drivers but apart from that it was fine.

I came back to some lovely post from my chums!

you hanging in there??


we had had a busy week as you can see so the weekend we planned to chill out and be at home.

So i found a home for my style craft, i love out foot rest and now its full of wool.

I sat and put together a elephant, you might remember i made one a couple of years ago.

my friend posted this photo of her daughter who is nearly two playing dollies with her elephant!

This made me so happy! 

I started another baby item after finishing the very same pattern.


Lazy morning, bit more baby knitting!

bit of scrapping- more on that tomo

then on sunday night i finally picked up some rachel knitting, these socks are cute but i had gone wrong somewhere so sat and fixed it.

then i tried a new recipe which turned out really well

look yum! Cookie type brownies! Win

and then i tackled my Lauriel which i had been stuck with for ages!

and there you have it 7 whole days with Rob, busy but in a good way.

And best of all???

We booked monday and tuesday off next week too! Just because!

No plans as yet maybe a bit more me knitting and maybe another trip or two to the cinema lol

Well done if you have made it to the end of the post!

Thanks for stopping by



Mel said...

Looks like a fun filled week. It must be so fun to zoom around everywhere now. I like your yellow coat.

Julia said...

Looks like you had a fun week!


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