Tuesday, 13 March 2012

1 Year ago

So one year ago, Rob got down on one knee and proposed! 


As we are off work we thought we would take another trip to the park where he popped the question.

I love this park and the fact i can now just go and drive us is crazy, i am loving being able to tootle about, But more on that another day.

So today has been super cloudy compared to the crazy sun yesterday, the photos of the two days look months apart not hours lol.

So there it is our bandstand.

So we had to take a few pics right?

do we look any different? my hair is longer and now that stupid red colour it was for all of a week lol, Rob is as cute as ever.

We have been meaning to go to the little cafe on the water for literally years and we never do but today we did!

Rob has such a sweet tooth but I'm not really fussed so had a hot chocolate instead of cake.

We our making our way through our wedding to do list ticking things off every few days when we put our mind to it. Will be back with a update for more wedding things soon.

Thanks for stopping by

Rachel x


Jackie xxx said...

Happy 1yr engagement. Looking forward to seeing how your wedding plans are coming on. x

Jude said...

That's lovely. And a year already! Not long 'til the Big Day now! My DH threw a box at me and said "Here. Try that on". That was his proposal! Romantic? Nah! But he does bring me flowers for no reason, on a regular basis, so I've forgiven him. :-D Jude.x


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