Thursday, 22 December 2011


Hi all so I thought i would pop by and show you a few pics, On saturday i had a little Soirée, it was hit and miss if I could have it but i was feeling much better so we went with it. My family, Robs family, happy times.

I made cookies

Rob made paper chains with the help of Millie (the neighbours cat)

we set the table

then people arrived

I have the coldest feet in the history of the world and this is the man i get it from, my granddad, i let him use my slippers while he was there, and he took quite a shine to them.

me and 2 of my bridesmaids :)

this is Robs sis Becci

Vic and my granny pulling a cracker lol

Robs family

our mothers get on crazy well ever heard the phrase ' can talk under water' lol

ah me and he

Rob and my mam

granny and gramps

nice sit in front of the tv

So there you go, we had a lovely afternoon and got some great pics, its so nice to get photos with both families in so we can even up the photos in the house so great when everyone is in them lol.

Thanks for stopping by

Rachel x

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