Saturday, 17 December 2011


So every year i try and do Journal Your Christmas i most years i fail terribly, normally because i cant print the photos at the time. This year me and my scrappy chums who are all busy gals are making a extra effort and you know what? Im keeping up. My pages were pre made (thankfully) so all im adding really is what i did that day and if nothing was interesting enough to take a photo then im journalling. I have stacks of photos so i will do half today and half tomorrow.

just a few things i will try and do

2nd was noted how blooming freezing it was

So the 3rd was the first day i had a photo which will be this one, of us chilling out knitting with my sis and watching xmas films. Do you like my little sketch?

4th we went to our friends for dinner and had to de ice the car to get home because it had been snowing.

5th some hidden journalling as it was a funny old day, but i did pick up my wedding ring its BEAUTIFUL! 

6th ah! this was the day i got my lovely sheep mug

again awesome sketch

7th We got a lovely card that said Daughter and Fiance on it, our first and only christmas as fiances 

So there you go I will do a few more pages later so you dont get photo overload.

Hope you are having a lovely saturday



Katie said...

love how your album is looking - such a good idea to add in the sketches so you know what photo goes where!

Claireliz said...

It's looking fab Rachel.
C xx

Libby said...

Well done. It looks great. Those sketches are wonderful :-). I only just made a start on my album yesterday...


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