Saturday, 8 October 2011

Home Sweet Home

Its safe to say that now we have been in our house a whole 10mths we have kinda stopped doing pretty house things to it, we bought some much stuff whilst waiting for the blooming thing to be built that we kinda had everything. But these last few days i have been adding little things here and there.

Let me show you. So to get to work i have to walk right through town, the only shops that is open is like Boots and Wilko, I am in Wilko all of the time, so i bought a punch of new frames.


They sat under my desk all day and i got excited about filling them when i got home.

Whilst i was visiting Heather i bought a big multi frame, i have this in Blue already in my craft room but love the white. Its from B&M for all those who want to know which is a big cheap shop with house things etc in

So on sunday last week i dragged loads of photos down and filled my frames, i changed some round i already had and dusted them etc

I added a old photos like EuroDisney and rob with his best mate, and our just got engaged photo, to old xmas ones, new home coming ones, my favourite of the 2 of us in london, a stupid family one, my gorgeous Elijah and some other funny ones.

I bought this ( and hiked it home) on a bit of a whim & wasnt quite sure where it was going to go.

So i slowly filled some new frames old frames etc

and then added them to our stairs, i have since added a couple more and may or may not have bought 4 more frames on the way home from work! Ok i bought 2 on the way and 2 on the way back!

So as well as all the photo fun we have been decorating in the bedroom too.
So you know we painted in there but the room is big and needed something else, we didnt really want a photo wall above the bed so we opted for wall art! 

So we went for this 

We then got to sticking/rubbing 


Then we unpeeled them yay!

and here is how it looks

the wall is darker than this but it was tricky to take pics

We love it and def want some more for round that house.

Later that night we found a home for our new frame, its in the living room right next to Robs head, he thought it was a little busy here as the other walls have lots on but as i face this way to talk to him i dont get to see all of the stuff behind me so i won! lol

But i loves it yay!

So there you go i have a few more little ideas up my sleeve in the coming weeks, and dont get my started on christmas ideas eeekk!!!

Have you been doing any cute home projects? i would love to see if you have

thanks for stopping by

rach xx


Mel said...

Love it Rachel - I can't wait to get my own place and don it out in loads of frames. It's a very scrapbook looking home now!!!

Jude said...

OMG! I looooove that dandelion clock. I neeeeeeeed it now! :-D Your photo frames are so cute too. And I stick things on the wall behind DH so that I can see them too. lol. Jude.x

Liz said...

That's exactly want to do with our staircase once we've got it decorated!! I think seeing family pics as you walk up/down stairs looks great - a family home!!!

Where did you get the wall art for your bedroom from? It's a fantastic idea!

Liz said...

Thanks Rachel for popping over to tell me where the link for the wall art is from! Can't believe I missed it!!!

They are a really good price. Such a great idea. We are removing all wallpaper and just painting - so these would add a bit of something special!

Thanks x


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