Thursday, 6 October 2011

7 Days Sept 2011

Hi guys, so I have a whole list of fun proper blog posts to write but currently struggling to find time to write them so aiming to do a load at the weekend, take some better photos etc but for now i have to do some catching up on my 7days post.

So last monday started with some serious revision

Tuesday i took my test and........ I passed! yay

that night, my girls came in and hung out with us

Wednesday my sis came to stay and i taught her magic loop

thursday, i quite nearly boiled to death in our office! 

took a very hot bus to Headingly (could not be any different weather than to tonight)

did some knitting

with my sis

then got home and i helped her with some knitting

our tickets were waiting for us when we got home yay

Friday, nic got my parcel from the post office

i may have gone to Wilko on the way to work

then i had a lovely lunch in the park with my chum Anna

i did some winter knitting on the hottest day for a long time

friday night didnt quite go to plan, when we ended up locked out :(

So there you go a busy 7 days yet again, this weekend is set to be busy too with more wedding dress shopping on saturday and my family visiting on sunday. 

Next weekend im not going anywhere, well i will have a driving lesson but other than that i am staying in!

Hope you have had a great week so far



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Congrats on passing your test!


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