Monday, 10 October 2011

10th of the 10th

So the lovely Shimelle hosts a 10 things  on the 10th of the month so this month i thought i would join in.

It is the perfect weather for knitting lately and i have lots of lovely things i want to make NOW! so here is 10 of the things i fancy.

2. Spectra

3. Jane

5. Haven

so there you go, im after a few quick knits at the minute, i seem to have made loads of garments so im after some instant gratification. I have actually just cast 2 things off tonight.

Right if i get going i can get another hat cast off and maybe something new cast one!


are you joining in with Shim?

thanks for stopping by

Rach xx


Gertie said...

oooh some lovely knits there Rachel :-)

Liz said...

I LURVE the cafe au lait mitts. I can't handle dpns but these are a must!!!!

Heather said...

Haven is lovely!


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