Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Top 10 Favourite knits

Well i did it! today i have reached the magic 100 projects on Ravelry, im pretty sure i have done more than this (duplicate knits) but still 100!!!!

Do you remember in August 2009 when i started the Santa for my mil?
no well read all about it here lol

So I thought i would do a post about my 10 favourite knits, fun?
yes i thought so

In no order at all

Ellie  I made this for my friends little girl last June, its so cute but man it is a bugger to knit, this is when i first 'knit' a hole in my finger ouch! 

February Lady  This was only finished in May, it was a easy pattern but my first encounter with lace but im super proud of it, even if rob hates the colour :(

Fetchings- I think i am on about number 7 of these, i made stacks last xmas and will no doubt do more soon.

From Norway with love  I love this pattern, i have knit it 3 times now and slowly got used to fair isle, and think i will use the same pattern soon to do a dotty version. cute?

Goodale This is a really wearable knit, it was a bit dull to knit, not sure i would have got it done if it wasnt for my holiday sitting knitting lol but i do love it 

Moch Cardi  I really like this one, as with Goodale it was a dull knit until you got to the top but worth it.

Monster- Ive knit this 3 or 4 times now and i love it, though sewing the face on is not much fun

Owls-  Ah the mighty Owls, i love this pattern and have knit it 3 times now, and the Owlet is gorgeous

Pumpkin hat Seriously how cute? yes very, i will soon be starting his hat for this year

Shroom I think this is my favourite hat pattern, i have knit it a squillion times and i love it.

So there you go my top 10 knits.

I do also love Ishbel, Clapotis, & Shalom

Tonight i have photographed 5 finished pieces, I lost my pretty buttons which stopped them being finished but they are done now and i shall blog them soon.

So what are your favourite knits? 
Do share!!!

hope you have enjoyed my little post

thanks for stopping by
Rach x


Claireliz said...

They're all fab Rachel, I've seen your owl sweater in real life & it's gorgeous. As for my fave knits, it's my green 3/4 sleeve shrug & the jumper dress that I have yet to put on Ravelry.

Nicky said...

100 is 100 even if some repeats are in there!!!!! That's a fabulous milestone. I love the toy in the first pic and your owl cardi the best.

MissSoo said...

Those are some pretty fantastic knits!! If I had to chose a favourite, it would be Ellie, but the cardis are lovely, the finngerless is darling, and the shroom hat is DEVINE! Makes me want to learn to kni-wait... I'll just admire your work :)

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Lots of inspiration! And what a darling in that little pumpkin hat!

RugbyMad said...

I love this post. Congratulations on getting to 100 on Ravelry!

I love all the projects you have chosen for your top 10. I agree do duplicates of the same pattern count as one or is it one pattern and not the repeats?

I can't decide.

pinkundine said...

Cool, I like seeing people's favourite projects :) Owls is in my queue, it's such a gorgeous sweater!

Katie said...

Wow congrats on (over) 100 knitted projects! That pumpkin hat is soooo cute!

elephantJuice said...

Congrats on reaching your milestone! Gorgeous knits too. I'm currently 21 away from my "official" 100, but like you would probably a lot closer if I included my pre-Rav knits!

Vivianne said...

Even if I really like something I rarely knit it again; my favest pattern, I've knitted all the versions (baby cardi). Love the Moch Cardigan :-)


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