Saturday, 8 August 2009

A odd kind of day

I am still out of my scrapping sorts now been a week since i did a layout and still not photographed that very odd for me, however gogo is delivered next week hurray

pretty huh, i have been so good and not bought anything for ages, well ages for me.
So today was odd i got up for work (overtime) and just couldnt wake up normally on a morning im awake pretty quick and tis rob who stumbles round like a zombie, but i just couldnt shake it off today and my head hurt. Managed to stay at work 3 hrs before i gave in got the bus back and crawled into bed, not before noticing this in the garden

My lovely pink bike has been in robs dads garage since we moved to Leeds in 2006! i used to ride my bike all the time at uni including a 4 mile bike road to work there and back again, when we and rob worked there together we would ride our bikes together and try and hold hands hee hee! im planning on having a little trip out on it tomorrow weather permitting.
So once i had a few hours in bed i felt a bit better, i had missed most of the sun but that was fine with me im not much of a sun person, so i got my parasol, laptop, knitting and headed into the garden

Have to say was pretty hard to watch a film in the sun but i could hear it kind of, i went go My Big Fat Greek Wedding a classic and i havent seen it for ages, so had a little knit and watched that was really nice. While i was out there i took some pretty photos, using my little camera, i havent been using our 'proper' camera lately.

This plant is called sammy and my mam got it for me when we moved in, my gorgeous doggy was sammy so i was very chuffed to see it had a flower on it today, it wasnt there on wednesday night when i was last out.

Pretty huh i was quite chuffed with my little camera.

i love this mushroom and want more super cute huh?

In progress, i cant say what i am making its a secret.
So whilst sat on my own the scrapper in my thought hmm i could do with a photo of my knitting in the garden before the horrid rain descends as it inevitably will

Fun huh! so now i have my new facebook profile pic lol, i thought i would take a few more, loving wearing sunglasses means you dont have to wear make up awesome!

And one final photo, this thing plagues my life like you cannot believe!

I HATE WOOD PIGEONS i hate it i hate it, there are 2 of them, they wake me up about 4.22am every day without fail and as rob can sleep on a washing line they dont bother me so i then route around for ear plugs which wakes me up then i tend to loose one at 6am and get up in a trop coz the stupid things have won again. To top is off they are there all day so eating tea there they are with there stupid ooooooohhhhhhhh noise they make, any ideas how to get rid of them i would be most grateful, they are making me grumpy.
Right well rob is off to Edinburgh festival for a few days so i best make sure he has packed something at least lol thanks for sticking around to hear my waffle xx


Heather said...

You could buy a big cat and keep it up on the roof for pigeon related purposes?

I love your flower photos, very impressive for a little camera (I'm still disappointed with my little camera...)

Oh and good job you said that your knitting is a secret because I was about to comment on how *insert pattern name here* was coming along!

xxxx Heather

Claire said...

Love your garden - so cute! Have never managed to get the hang of knitting despite numerous attempts at it.


allyf said...

Fab photos. What a lovely garden you have (pigeons aside that is). Maybe you need a row of those spikey things you see on building to stop pigeons being able to sit or nest there. Failing that a shot gun should work!

Carmen said...

*whispers* I like pigeons. :P Until recently OH used to keep them. They definitely have stubborn characters.

Only thing that might keep him away is to get a puddy tat.


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