Friday, 5 August 2011

My week so far

Morning all, so I take photos literally everyday so I thought I would show you what I've been snapping this week!

-Sunday we had a fancy BBQ at my friends house

I made a card for my cousin who just got engaged

The bunnies came in for cuddles, Olive will sit night eventually

Wilma has to be restrained!

I picked up my crochet again and it's nearly finished!

We finally got our bus stop replaced!!

Rob had a day off and emailed me this photo of the bunnies playing

I got hot!! Seriously I do not do well in the heat!

Rob bought us a giant plant

I got wet and hot walking to work yesterday

I hooked on my lunch hour

I went to BRE and wound some wool

I started Laika (kind of)

And then had a hissy fit and went back to easy knitting, which is also nearly finished!

June and July photos arrived yesterday!

So there you go! I also had 2 driving lesson and went to dinner at my neighbours!

I have no plans this weekend, i need to write up my Sarahs cards post ready for tomorrow! And then I'm gonna finish tons of knitting! I'm pretty excited lol

Right best feed those buns and myself then get Friday over so it can be the weekend!! Another long day coming up I fear!!

Thanks for reading

Rach x

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Christine said...

I enjoy your posts and seeing snapshots of your life, especially those adorable bunnies :)

JO SOWERBY said...

ah pics of the bunnies again, how cute they are and happily recovered from their surgeries. got to love that nobbly bobbly again and loads of knitting and crochet,looking forward to seeing the end products,
jo xxx

Danz said...

Love the bunnie pics!! Do you have to resize most of your photos on photobox? I uploaded photos on there the other day and most of them had to be resized or cropped to fit?


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