Saturday, 20 August 2011

Ah finished objects!

Hi all, thank for your comments on my last post, its great you liked my top ten choice. So its early saturday morning, i am going to be hot footing it to the train station in less than a hour, then a car ride, then a hotel, then to the lovely Leannes wedding which is happening today yay! I am super excited. And i get to see some of my scrappy gals there too, then sunday we are going to Lauras to check out her nursery, pretty nice weekend huh!

I have a 2 hour train ride and packed some more concertrating knitting and packed some easy knits for the 3 hour car ride, so 5 hours knitting there and 5 hours back hhmm! Bonus!

So as ever i seem to finish loads of projects in one go

So first up is one i have had on my needles since May,Saroyan I got this yarn in the last Baa Ram Ewe its Louisa Harding Albero and its super fancy, i started this on holiday, after Heather said it looked cute and not its finally done! 

Im really pleased with it, it was a super nice knit and even though its 10 rows of different stitches it was fine if you tick it off as you go.

So its a scarf but can be a bit of a shawl type thing too, ready for Autumn (coz its coming ready or not)

Next up is something i have been battling with for ages, or what feels like ages the Peacock Shrug

This was a new stitch for me and its really cute, im just so not used to knitting separate pieces and sewing it all up lol, i didnt much like that but its done hurray! 

Yippee i wore it to work and knit night and thursday and it went down well. I knit like every lunch hour so people tend to recognise what im knitting now lol

So i do have a couple more, but one i am giving this weekend so will show you next week, and the other, well i dont want to spoil you completely do i?

Right i best go and finish getting packed and jump on a train for what promises to be a fabulous weekend yay!

Hope you have a good one whatever you are going and just think nearly bank holiday yippee i have stacks of 'work' to do that weekend so it cant come soon enough lol

thanks for calling by

rach xx


Claireliz said...

Lovely finished knits there Rachel.
Love the aqua cardi.

kjjc said...

scarf por shawl whatever youwant to call it-it's gorgeous


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