Friday, 15 July 2011


I am alive! I do feel like I only just survived the past working week/month! It has quite frankly been a complete bitch (I'm allowed to use that word coz my granny says it)!

But now it's Friday and I'm so grateful!
Hectic weekend plans include, driving up north with my dad, Chinese food, my lovely friend Emily also happens to be home this weekend so she is coming round tonight yay!

Then tomorrow I need to post my eBay sales (yay) wrap Robs birthday presents! Get ready for a family wedding, go to wedding! Then get back super early for Rob waking up on his birthday! Where we shall be going to the cinema and eating yummy food!

But now some random photos I have taken this week!

-Stacks bigger now but still

Long stupid hot walk to work!

Knit night at Playhouse

Getting excited about new cinema releases

Some wool winding

Waiting eagerly to ask on a Ysolda pattern

Wedding card making!

Right I'm nearly home where I have a swift turn around to leave

Have a awesome weekend!!

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Jenny said...

Good luck! Have an awesome weekend, sounds like it will be a little on the crazy side :)

Northern Monkey said...

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Nicola said...

You can only say bitch if you follow it up with a sniff! LOL!


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