Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Wilma & Olive have gone to the vets today for their big op!

Wish them luck!

-We pick them up tonight!

on a happy note my gorgeous godson turned one yesterday

Lots of other things happening!

Will blog properly later

Rach xx

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Jo said...

Awww, hope Wilma and Olive are ok, give them lots of cuddles tonight. What a little cutie your godson is, I bet it doesn't seem two minutes since he was born, time flies.

Jenny said...

I'm sure they'll sail through their ops :) Hope they aren't too dopey/grouchy when they come home :)

Your godson is so cute, I'll bet the first year has flown by?

Sarah xx said...

Oh no - what have I missed? What op??? Hope they are ok? xx


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