Saturday, 2 July 2011

Busy times

Hi gang, sorry I havent been around much this week, I appear to have had a busy week, i have been taking pics along the way so here is how it has gone.

Sunday- Went to town with Rob, something we never ever do, its his birthday in a couple of weeks and he wanted some sunglasses so that involved both of us

These arent the ones he got but TK MAXX

These are! he actually ended up with 2 pairs coz he couldnt pick. We totally melted in town so headed back home to laze in the garden.

oh yes first my war wound, blooming Wilma has got so kicky lately and this really hurt, however she got rob really bad later that day and there was blood and bruising and now we pick her up whilst wearing a coat.

oh yes lazy sunday

 We get the sun in our garden till about 7.30 so it looked pretty with the sun setting

Monday- I was off work I dyed my hair

did some pink washing

melted while trying to finish my cardi

Next doors cat who has taken a shine to us came and helped me blog.

then i sat and watched my cute bunnies be all snuggly

Tuesday- and another day off yay, today i needed to focus

I had ran out of wool for my cardi just before the end so had to go all the way to town for the sake of 4 rows, while i was there i popped in for honeymoon ideas

Finally finished my cardi

Had a driving lesson which was a tough one.

Wednesday i was back to work, our new fancy office has a canteen so i had Parsnip and erm something soup, but it was yummy

I got a save the date from my lovely friend anna at lunch time

After work i went to the cinema with my bridesmaid Vic to see bridesmaids

It was really funny and we enjoyed it, Next we went to pizza express, i have really got out of the habit of eating out really, so was nice to do
I always have the same meal, the chicken type pasta, i like greasy pizza not fancy pizza express pizza lol

Thursday- I headed off to knit night after work, the traffic is normally crazy but today it was just stupid

it didnt help i was on the top deck and boiling to death.

When i got there i made my skeins into balls

I only did my lace weight as i had about 10 and i thought that would be taking the mick.

Friday came and it was time to relax

and then a bit of watching friends in bed and knitting

So there you go, busy busy!

Today is exciting as loads of my family are coming to visit, my mam, my dad, who up until this week has been on permanent weekend shifts for like a year now so very excited to get to see my dad again, and they are bringing my granny and granddad who havent been to see my new house yet so very exciting day.

Right i best get to Tesco for some nibbles, then we can sit in the sunny sunny garden, yay!

Hope you have had a good week too

rach xx


Northern Monkey said...

Sounds like a busy week, enjoy the time with your family.

I nominated you for a Kreativ Blog award, you can see what it's about on my blog :)

Enjoy the sunny weekend


JO SOWERBY said...

bunny picking up can be a nightmare. i used to get mine behing his ears at that soft squiggy bit and then put my hand under his bum for stability the he didnt do the kicking thing.
ur weeks sounds awesome and u both deserve a restful weekend,
jo xxxx

Mel said...

Wow that is a busy week! I used to get that bus from town to Headingley and it was always a killer at rush hour.
Enjoy your family day tomorrow. I always love visits from my family.

Jo said...

Hope you enjoyed your day with your family yesterday, it was definitely sitting in the garden weather. Looks like you've had a busy week so a lazy weekend sounds just the job to finish it off.

Claireliz said...

Wow, you have been busy Rachel, great photos.


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