Monday, 27 June 2011

Out of control to make list

Hi all am back, another hot one today right? I have been trying to sort through my knitting projects its feeling a bit overwhelming at the min. I have never really been one to have just one project on the go at one time but i admit its getting a bit silly now.

I am trying to focus on my pink cardi and these baby vests oh and Elijahs Owlet.

But other things keep distracting me, bulky winter things, cute summer things, cute baby things 

So backtracking, when i got in from Woolfest Rob had a parcel for me

more wool? really? 

erm yep! But i had been selling a few things to over the crazy amount i have bought this week so fear not, i can still afford to eat this month.

So a few summer things that I have had my eye on (too many to list summer and winter) are 

Laar- this is so nice but is lace weight eekk, so needs to be near the top of my list to make most of weather. Its a Gudrun Johnston pattern, who designed the pink cardi i'm knitting.

A lady at knit night is making this, and i shamelessly just copied what she was using. I have always been after a bit of Knit Picks which is super popular in the US but they will not ship to the UK, but i came across a site that does, ironically its name Great British Yarns

so I got this gorgeous yarn, the same in the photo above

Nice huh! i'm trying to do a few more wearable colours in my knitting.

So while i was ordering Knit Picks, something else stumbled in my basket

Wool of the Andes, its Worsted weight, and good yardage and cheap, this is Cadet (wearable )

& this is to make Hey Teach  i think i would make mine a bit longer

you still with me?

I love this one, it has a bit of a tricky stitch which im going to need to learn, this is Little Peacock and i got this for it

Right finally, this is a new pattern i have found but not actually bought yet, but i have bought some of the wool needed,

This is Judith Shrug (odd name) this is so pretty but simple and just cute. 

So its a Sport weight & im just not clever enough to substitute yarn for yarn of a different weight so while i was at Great British Yarns i got a bit of sport, i didnt know how much i needed so just got 3 balls, and it was only £1.99 a ball, i got Telemark in the red

So there you have it, these all have patterns printed, needles sorted, bags made up and are sat ready and waiting

along with several other things, 
Im thinking if i take 6 mths off work and dont add any new patterns i might just get them all done, ahh i can dream cant i? 

Right i best go and actually get some knitting done, first lunch though i thinks.

oh yes and if i had any spare time at all when not knitting, this also came for me in the post

this is the 3rd book in the series of Friday Night Knitting Club, have you read it? I thought it was great, so maybe i might fit a little reading in the garden time later on.

Right I'm off, I have got plans for lots of scrapping tomorrow so those of you who read my blog for scrapping and are about to never come back, i will try and have something to show you lol

thanks for calling by

rach x


Sarah said...

Wow!! you are going to be busy!!I look forward to seeing your scrapping!!! x

Claireliz said...

Oooh they're all very pretty Rachel, I must upload what I've finished to Ravelry, I'll add it to my to do list :D

Northern Monkey said...

Ooh lots of lovely yarn and lovely projects. I liked the things you got at Woolfest too, annoyingly though it's always on the weekend closest to my husband's birthday and he does not want to spend that looking at yarn and sheep!! I've no idea why ;-)

faith76 said...

Hello, just discovered your blog. You have been a busy bee. Love the knitting in front of an episode of friends.

Leah x


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