Monday, 30 May 2011

Holiday Knitting progress

Hi guys, so i thought i would show you just how much knitting i got done on holiday, now i know many people will think i am a bit odd knitting on holiday but i did only plan to knit on the evenings when we were watching dvds in the apartment, but it was cloudy for the first few days and we were in the middle of nowhere so i knit and knit and knit.

So first up is this Mochy mochy as im calling it, so when i arrived it looked like this

I wanted to have the first lace but done but then it was row after row of SS with 187 sts, zzzzz!

But now it looks like this
I was super impressed i had ran out of wool, i did on a couple others, i did about 50 rows and i have another 20 to do before i start the next section, the colour is all off the in 2nd photo for some reason.

Next is another big project the Goodale, when i left if looked like this

This one was a really hard slog, it was about 250 sts ish, and was just long and boring

but now it looks like this

This is a giant amount of progress i think and i was super excited when i got the tie off 100 sts for the sleeves woo!

Something i did find with the continual boring knitting is that it really helped my motivation if i could tick off rows as i go
I think i am about half way through the third row now but its still dull but i guess you need dull knitting in your life but as the rows for both cardigans are so long its not just a quick pick up project. Anyway im really pleased with my progress on this and again finished the ball of wool.

Next up is something a little fancy, leafy scarf Heather picked this pattern for me to do when i told her i had 3 balls of wool and what could i make, she suggested this.
When i left i had only done one 'leaf' and literally every row on this is different and i was really regretting it, but they are quite short rows and i found it knit up really quickly.

Im excited to pick this one up again, i think its going to be really cute when its done, i love patterns where you can knit it in any wool as well cute.

So I also took a pair of socks to work on, i was just on the top of the foot when I left and got to here by day 3
by the end of the holiday, i had turned the heel and back onto the top of the foot so really close.

There is something else i was working on but thats a bit of a secret for now.

So i think thats about it, i love this app by the way 'labelbox' i think its called i had to use it on robs phone and my little iphone is too old but its really handy.

So there you go im am really pleased with my progress, since i have been back from my hols i finished all my 'big' knits i couldnt take with me, my ripple blanket for Elijah, my February Lady Sweater, and my Owls jumper so im feeling pretty pleased with myself.

Back to work tomorrow after 17 days and I still dont feel ready, I really meant to tidy my scrap room which i havent even touched, so no chance of my April doc 2011 being done and I wanted to the spare room doing. But you cant do everything can you?

Right im gonna be a bit more Goodale now and get some more of those boxes ticked off.

I hope everyone has had a lovely but rainy bank holiday, its a blooming long way will the next one!

Take Care
Rachel xx

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Claireliz said...

Great knitting there Rachel, I now have nothing on my needles :0O but I need to sew up the side seams on my jumper dress, I can't quite face that yet lol


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