Sunday, 29 May 2011

Holiday Clock

Seriously this holiday clock is ticking so loud in my ear i can hardly concentrate. All I can say is thank god for the bank holiday, we havent had a whole day at home in the whole 14 days we have had off and this giant list of things i had to do while i have been off as a serious lack of things ticked off.

I MUST finish my Owls Jumper before i go back, i am actually on the owls but now but i want it finished now now now! so i can finish my 95% finished socks, etc etc

So anyway enough ranting I am stopping by to show you some of the pages i did for the sarahs cards kit this month

I think this is my favourite page, perhaps coz its my favourite of our engagement photos, the title was playing on a tv show i watched recently so thought i would save it for a page and this one seemed to work really well.

I love these photos of my gorgeous little bunnies, i missed them so much on holiday they are sweetie pies. my friend looked after them while we were on holiday which was a big help and they fell for them too.

Right i do have one more but im running late to get to my friends house, we were there for a BBQ yesterday and now we are going back to eat more food.

see ya soon x

1 comment:

Claireliz said...

Fab layouts Rachel, can't wait to see the finished February Ladies Sweater ***said in silly voice that has to be used when naming that jumper*** :D


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