Friday, 22 April 2011

Bank Holiday LOVE

Pretty much the one perk about working in a bank, 4 glorious days off.

Im still feeling a bit poorly so great to be off.

So today is an exciting day, i just had a driving lesson and i drove home!
Very exciting!

I am just about to get my glad rags on for an engagement photo shoot with Robs sis Becci, I have been on 'I heart it' to pick a few ideas i was to use/ steal.

Tomorrow we are having a family engagement party which we are really looking forward to, had my nails done and everything lol

So i thought i would also swing by and show you a couple more pages i have been making.

This one is the latest sketch on the Sarahs Cards blog, go over and check it out

Im not great with surprises, i never quite know what to say or act, i dont go crazy i just go quiet but in a good way, so when Rob proposed i didnt quite know what to do with myself.

Straight after we went to the local pub and just kinda sat grinning, thats all i could do, i was dying to tell someone anyone. But we just sat having possibly the slowest service ever (but we dont dwell on that) and just grinning!

So i thought i needed to do a page about this, i have a few other pages about the stories that come out of surprises and secrets, there seems to be a awful amount lol.

So another layout i have to share is a recent challenge we had over on the DT, we all used the same 5 (i think) sheets of paper and made a layout to show you have different you can make it.

We all used American Crafts Campy Trails I have to admit its not a line that jumps out at me and it is a very america kinda theme, but if you check out the blog you will see how different we have all made it.

This photo was taken in 2008, it feels like a million years ago, i feel like i have known these girls all my life. I had not long since started scrapping when i bet these girls, and very pleased that i got to know them so quickly into my scrapping life.

If you cant tell who it is, its Leanne, Katherine and Laura.
Since i have met these 3, Leanne has become a mother, Katherine has learnt that love isnt so bad after all lol, and Laura has become a wife and is currently growing a baby!

Awesome stuff!

We are all off on an adventure never weekend, not to the cabin in the woods as normal, but we are off to Reading, i dont know where but its a big house in Reading, thats the extent of my knowledge lol. But i do know we are very excited.

Right i need to go and put my wall paint on now.

I hope you all have a awesome sunny weekend.

Rach x


JO SOWERBY said...

ah reading my old stomping ground. i did my midwifery training there and had my first job there too. i often go back to see my 2 closest friends there. hope u feel better soon,
Jo xxx

Debbie said...

So lovely to be able to scrap your engagement story - will be so fab to look back on at your Silver Wedding anniversary party!
I'm off to Reading today cos that's where the momma lives and where I lived too for my first 28 years!!
Have fun!


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