Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Living Room


So I am finally getting round to showing you another corner of our house, this time the living room.
We are still completely loving it, and you will be pleased to hear we finally got them to sort the garden, its still muddy and bloggy but better.

so the living room, when we lived in our flat in town we had a huge living room and we really loved it, i learnt to love our little dinky one in the last house, but once again we have a huge living room. I was really worried it wouldnt be cosy but now its got all out stuff in there and on the walls i think it looks fab, i wont deny i miss the fire place but we have improvised.

So this corner is my replacement fireplace, got my lovely pics and tree on the wall, my quilt and new cushions, very happy bunny.

Somehow i managed to talk Rob to get another Expedit, new houses are sort of storage so we improvised, so this is my little cute corner. my cute little white tree i got for xmas, my lovely heart which i got in the Next sale donkeys ago, so nice to see them in a place. I also have a little yarn section, where i hide all my things im working on so they arent just on the arm of the sofa/ floor now lol

This is our other cute corner, i changed the layouts i had on the walls they were like 2 years out of date, and used my Godson one and my laurapracticallydiditformeone, erm and a few cute things on the table.

cute table, you might notice a few things popping up that i got in my sale bargains, the Home sign which we sneaked up in the old house, but the candle thing is new got them for a steal in the Next sale so much so i have 2.

Our giant cabinet which we have had since last july, propped up in my scrap room is finally in use and seriously lovely, everyone comments on it, then a good old billy bookcase, which my mam calls Barry the Cupboard awesome!

Bit of a room shot, and the sofa is behind the door (kinda)

One side of the patio window and a little bit of our fence (soon to be painted)

This bit still looks pretty big to me and my way of solving that is to put stuff on the walls, rob thinks we have enough up already which i guess we do but i like to fill walls up.

So there you go, you like?
well we do very much.

I have had a great day today with the lovely Heather, she was hooking whilst i was knitting and we watched Whip It (awesome film) she also helped me out with a secret mini project i have to do for the Sarahs Cards retreat which is fast approaching.
I spend the evening working on my OWLS jumper and very pleased to say its finished, its a little snug but its supposed to be quite tight.

Tomorrow I am having a scrapping day, the lovely Sally and Natalie are coming to spend the day with me, im planning a bit of a round the table situation, I have some kit work to catch up on , Doc 2011 to do, and i have been sent the class i will be assisting with at the retreat so i have to make that up too.

Super exciting weekend huh!

Right off to get a little shut eye!

Bon Nuit

P.S happy birthday to my sis Helen ( not that she reads my blog but still happy birthday)



Libby said...

Oh Rachel. Your room is LOVELY. So cozy and inviting. You are so lucky to have so many places to put your nice bits and pieces - that's one thing I'm missing in our loungeroom. I think a couple of small prints above the TV would be the perfect finish to that area - it does need something but not a lot. You could two above it and even one on the wall to the side.

Nicola said...

Living room looks awesome, cant wait to visit! PS - Im back on the internet after mucho $$!

Lesley said...

Your living room is absolutely gorgeous and has given me so much inspiration to decorate my home. Thank you xx

Lesley xx

Sarah xx said...

Oh Rachel your new lounge looks lovely and super cosy!! How wonderful to have all that space to add your cute nicky nackys to - when do we get to visit?? xx

Heather said...

Wow lots of & lots of lovely knick-knacks! Its looking great Rachel x

Northern Monkey said...

Your new house is looking lovely and your things give it character :)

Have a great week.

Laura x

Claireliz said...

Your house is looking fab Rachel, I'm having cute things envy here lol


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