Wednesday, 8 December 2010

WIP Wednesday

So it is WIP Wednesday again, i'm pretty much longing for this week to be over, then i am off work until the 21st then back in work for 4 days then off will the 4th of Jan.
Im very much looking forward to time off to catch up on some projects, im hoping to get a visit from my baby godson too yay!

So i have been casting lots of this week,
I mentioned last week i was going to start this guy
well he currently looks like this
this guy was so fiddly to knit, everything is in magic loop which i don't mind but my plan to knit a million of these has well gone out the window. He is on my list to sew together this weekend.

I started myself something, which is crazy so close to these christmas deadlines but tough
I love this pattern, i have knit it once which i havent blogged about yet as it was a birthday present. I love this pattern though its very cute and easy to knit although it takes a little while to get going but im in full flow now, just got to decide if i go back to red so its really christmassy or do i go for a light grey next? answers on a postcard please.

I also have these on my needles, Fetchings number 6, I seem to be making a pair of these every week, not sure who they are for yet either a friend or secret santa at work.
I also have a few secret projects on the go and a ton of sewing projects.
I might be getting a visit from my mam on saturday which would be super and be something to look forward to.

Right Im off to watch a film and do a bit of knitting but with so many WIP which do i do? lol

thanks for stopping by
rach x
p.s we are watching Shrek 3 which i am hoping is a million times better than Shrek 2!
p.p.s scrap that is Shrek 4 we are watching, 3 was so bad i have erased it from memory


Tami Klockau said...

I have to ask, what did you end up watching while knitting today?

I can't wait to see your little monster guy stitched together. I'd love to make one of these some day!

Okay, the heart hat is one of those items that got me started on knitting. I love it soooooo much! I love your color choices and would keep going with the gray. It's a lovely shade.

JO SOWERBY said...

i am knitting two santa socks, one normally and one one three double pointed needles which i taught myself off youtube, crocheting a lucy bag and SOME LAVENDAR BAGS,

paula said...

I SO have that hat stashed in my Ravelry favorites. Love it! I vote for light grey next, that way it's Christmas-friendly, but not exclusively. Because if I had a hat that looked like that, I'd be tempted to wear it into July. Just saying.

Denise said...

I love that heart hat.

Kathleen said...

Those Christmas monsters are adorable, I'm sorry that the pattern ended up being too fiddly for you to want to make a bunch. (I would definitely want a bunch of them, too, if I could knit.)

Northern Monkey said...

Great WIPs :) I hate making up, I've only made one toy and the sewing involved ARGH! I'd love to knit some of the Danger Crafts patterns though, they're so cute.

The hat is lovely, I'd go with more red I think but I love Christmassy colours :)

autumngeisha said...

Oh, I love monsters! But the sewing up is no fun at all! What a coincidence, I was admiring the very same hat on the pickles blog today. I vote for a light grey also. It's more wearable all year round. Definately want to knit one now!

SweetPotato said...

I vote for going back to red hearts on the hat! It looks like the green you are using isn't really a "Christmas green" so it wouldn't be exclusively Christmas wear (unless my screen isn't showing the true color).

I LOVE that pattern. It's in my favorites but I have to learn more about colorwork before I attempt it.

Alea said...

Oooh! I started one of those holiday hooligan ornaments too! And I made that heart hat, I loooove it! I have enough yarn to make the scarf and mittens as well, need to get on that!

mooncalf said...

I love the monsters! I've knit so many. I wanted to do Xmas monsters but I didn't get started in time. Can't wait to see yours.

I love that hat too. I vote for light grey too. The glitter of Xmas looks surprisingly past it by the day after boxing day and you want to be wearing your hat all winter.

Dina said...

You are seriously busy! I keep thinking about doing up Fetching, but have not yet. You are inspiring me to just do it!

Affiknitty said...

I love the colors you chose for your little hooligan. : )
Your other projects look great too. Enjoy your time off work!


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