Saturday, 4 December 2010

Christmas Corner

This is officially my new favourite seat in the living room
Looks cosy doesnt it?

So today i have been making a few xmas cards well about 10 so quite a lot actually
We also went and picked out our carpets, they are carpets so not hugely exciting but its another huge tick off our list and they assured us they would come and fit within 24 hours of us getting that magic call, whenever that may be, been told it could be on xmas eve but obviously any later would be looking at mid Jan, so we will see trying not to get my hopes up.

As i think i mentioned i have been sewing up a storm, i got this fabulous box of goodies on monday
Yum huh? i totally copied the punches from Laura coz they are yummy, and ordered a stack of fabric in one night i did this!
I know it was one busy night, i have done another big 'top' and still have another to do,this was my great xmas present idea, i bought a stack of backing fabric, wadding, binding etc Im pretty sure all the people who these are for dont read my blog so im ok i think.

So i am on somewhat of a tight time scale as all of them have to be posted, im planning on getting one done tonight now i have finished the cards.
But then i have a stack of knitting my little monster i started/mentioned on wednesday is taking too long, i thought it would be quick but no he is super fiddly.

Right i best get moving hadnt I?
Hoping to spend some quality time in my new xmas seat later, or at least wrapping presents which is also on my list for today. Hmmm those high expectation rearing is ugly head again.

I forgot to mention it was my dads birthday yesterday so a huge happy birthday to the best dad ever

right im off
rach xx


JO SOWERBY said...

wow ur tree looks magnificent and i'm impressed by ur swift stitching. hope ur enjoying a crafting relaxing evening
Jo xxxx

Heather said...

That looks so pretty, I'm sure teh recipient will totally love it! Its all I can do to drag myself to the shops for Christmas shopping never mind try and make presents & cards - good for you! :)

Kirsty said...

It's all looking very Christmassy! Where did you get the Martha Stewart bow punch from? I love it!!

Marushka C. said...

I love the Christmas seat, it looks very inviting. Good luck with all your Christmas cards and gift projects. You sound busy but happy to be doing it all :-)

Northern Monkey said...

Your tree is absolutely beautiful! That would be my favourite seat too. We have a little tree in our living room but I hope to put our big tree up in the dining room at the weekend if I can actually get it out of our shed (the lock is broken) I love Christmas :-)

Your sewing is looking fab, I'm sure the recipients will be very grateful, I know I would be.

Have a lovely week and keep warm!

Laura x

Libby said...

Love your spot by the tree - looks like a wonderful place to spend some time. We don't have a great place for our tree - obviously didn't plan well enough when we designed the house :-).
Love seeing all the projects you're working on. I've not been doing anything much at all - seem to have lost my mojo for all crafts :-(.


Claireliz said...

Love your tree, your like an uber efficient christmas elf... how do you get all this stuff done? Love the quilt too


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