Monday, 20 December 2010

Christmas house guest

So as of christmas eve we have a house guest till the New Year, let me introduce him
This is Alfie, he is my friends house bunny, he's a old boy and needed somewhere to camp over christmas. So he is coming to us, to live amongst the boxes and the mess of our house.

We see it as a bit of a test run bunny wise, well kind of but anyway its gonna be a bit frantic but it should be fun.

So yesterday with the help of my MIL i got a pair of curtains done, no great ta da! photo as we obviously cant hang them but a few WIP.
These are my scrappy room curtains, pretty huh!

SO yesterday i also spent a good chunk of my time doing my final baby quilt i think i have done 4 all together, and I am very pleased with them i am glad its done lol.
however i could not have done it all without my brand new friend
Sj, Laura and leanne, all recommended this and now i am too i love it i have put the link above where i got it from but seriously saved my life.

I still have a bit of xmas knitting to do but will just try and if i dont manage then so be it.

Something i finally finished today, well finished in that i put a button on it and wrapped and posted it for my friends little girl.
I know i have mentioned it before because it was a nightmare to make seriously horrid but now i have finally taken a cute photo so you can see it.

What else, feel like i have tons to catch up on, oh yes baby pics, last week my lush godson and his little buddy visited but i never showed you any pics
Cute huh? im hoping to see him on xmas eve depending on work and weather.

So speaking of work i lay in bed this morning and say this
and thought this time tomorrow i will be at my desk, how depressing!
Ive had a lovely time off work and i really dont think i would have been at all ready for xmas without this time off. Take today for example i spent 3 hours doing this
Wrapping wrapping and more wrapping, today was the big wrap up of all the stuff i made but not only did i wrap it in xmas paper i had to fashion something to post it in and then address it lol, i got through 2 films, Jingle all the Way and Call me Clause whilst wrapping.

I also wrapped up these
These are for my secret santa person at work.

what else, oh yes, i have had these for ages and ages
but this past week i decided was the time to put them to use of at least put photos in them. So i kinda just gathered photos that were lying around on my desk so they are a bit random but another job off the list.

Right i think thats about it, I now plan and trying to locate my craft room floor under all of the thread, wadding, offcuts that sewing like a lunatic makes then make cookies as i am going round to Alfies mams house for tea, where she is also going to strip my hair.
Thats right i bought a colour stripper the other day, my hair isnt actually too bad these days but be nice to start again and i have bought a nice red to colour it again.

Off to enjoy my last few hours of the freedom of work!
thanks for staying to read such a giant blog post lol
Rach xx


Sarah xx said...

Awww how cute is Alfie??
I miss my boys as they are stuck in the snow at their Granny's co's I have been jetsetting!!

Libby said...

Cute bunny. Love the photo of the babies surrounded by your blanket, quilt and pillows.
And those curtains - gorgeous - can't wait to see them hanging in your scrapbook room.


Nicola said...

So much to comment on. I wont comment on the rabbit. Cute curtains, they will look great :) I cant believe you still use that spikey clock! I also recognise the Lincoln pic in the coaster, is it bad that I still wear that coat? xx


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