Sunday, 19 December 2010

Absent without leave

It has been brought to my attention that i have been off all week yet i havent blogged since wednesday! Well I have been a busy bee.

I even missed Finished Object friday doh! i have tons of show you but i havent taken any photos.

So yesterday was a very exciting day, we got to go in our house, like our actual one, we have never really seen a finished version so it was very exciting, I have a million pics but here are a few.
I am in some photos for scale lol, this is a big kitchen
Living room windows on to the garden
Family bathroom
Crazy giant bedroom
See massive right?
Our frozen garden, i pointing to where i would put rabbits if we were to get some
Us being excited p.s this is robs xmas hair cut cute right?
Our unexpected piece of front garden we didnt think we were getting, everyone is very excited about this, we are also very excited that the neighbours have already paid for a fence on one side and its huge and awesome yay!
So nearly there, they are saying 2nd week of jan so we will see i guess.

But its started to get exciting not sad anymore so thats a good sign.

Today i am making my curtains for my scrap room and finishing off my final baby quilt, then they need to be wrapped and posted tomorrow.

wish me luck x


JO SOWERBY said...

at last a huge beaming rachel and rob. u must be so please with the house it looks beautiful. i can just imagine ur new home once ur all moved in and have ur special things in. just in time for spring and gardening and rabbits.
Jo xxxx

Rachael said...

Your house is looking great Rachel, bet you are so excited!! Love those patio doors onto the garden. Can't wait to see photos when you are in with all your things around :)

Libby said...

Hi Rachel,

The house is looking so great. Can't wait for the big unveiling. So happy for you and Rob. It will definitely be worth all the waiting and heartache.


Katrina said...

Hi Rachel,
I love reading your blog - I'm so sorry I don't comment as much as I would like though.

This post is lovely, esp the pic of you together :)

Your photos will make a fab 'before' and 'after' scrap page.

Reading all about your house brings back such happy memories of the first house we owned. I know you've lived together already but the first one that is yours will forever hold such special memories. I know ours did :)

Have a fab day
Kat :)

Nathalie Uy said...

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