Monday, 22 November 2010

Mammoth Post/ Day 11

I am so behind on well everything, i have tons of stuff i need to blog about so im gonna do a few mammoth blog posts.

First up - The big Freeze as I am now calling it, is making my completely miserable.
This weekend i have been warm and toasty and happy normal Rachel as soon as i get back to Leeds and put on my extra jumper, my scarf, my hat etc i turn into this evil Rachel, poor Rob i do feel sorry for him, i am just sick, i want to be warm and cosy and getting excited about christmas, instead i have no idea which house we will be in at xmas i cant decorate, so therefore completely miserable. End of that rant!

what else oh yes the lovely Emma, posted something exciting on her blog the other day. You might have seen the' whats on your desk, wednesday or something like that, well this is a knitting one
So i will be taking part in this on a wednesday, hopefully when i remember, the link to what its about is here.

Erm my lovely friend Natalie has a lovely giveaway on her blog as well as pretty photos of her recent knits.

Shim has done a awesome review of the most fabulous app Intagram which i just love.

Here are a few pages i havent shared with you yet
this one i didnt like coz i thought it was really plain so i chucked a load of stuff at it and now i dont like it at all, i havent even taken a pic, i like it that little lol.

I was so sure i had blogged this but i have looked and i cant see it so if i have im sorry
My little pudding, ok hes not mine but you know kinda lol
Rocking his little hat, i have had this halloween paper since i went to Florida in 2008 and never used it, it took me a while to do this page as it just wasnt ever quite finished. Anyway its done now and i quite like it.

I have stacks more stuff to share but my hands are too cold so i thought i would leave you with this imagine of a little something i bought today to cheer myself up.
I loves it a million squillion its from Wilko and its pretty!

Thanks for sticking around sorry to be so glum but... well you know, maybe buy more pretty things.
WOW my lovely robbie has just come home with fish and chips to cheer me up and a xmas film for us to watch, i love that man!
Rach x


Scraptastic Mel x said...

I understand why your glum. It's not the time not to have heating and it makes getting up in the morning such a hassle. Yay for Rob though. Hy hubby was in the bad books when it was ofsted last week and he went shopping and failed to bring back chocolate! x
P.S Love the pumpkin layout!

Libby said...

Hi Rachel,

Sounds like both you and Heather are having a hard time with being cold :-(. It must be so hard not being able to make proper Christmas plans. Can you put out a few decorations just to help get you into the Christmas spirit? Love the heart wreath (??) - just gorgeous. Have a great night. A warm tasty dinner and a xmas movie sounds like just the ticket.


JO SOWERBY said...

sending you lots of warm hugs and extra blankies from down south. by the way if ur with British gas they're meant to provide u with heaters, they did when my boiler died,
Jo xxxx


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