Sunday, 21 November 2010

Home time

Hi guys thought I would pop by with a couple of photos, yesterday was pay day so I went and did a bit of Xmas shopping! Along the way some super cute things caught my eye

Spotted this in Next a while ago and it's still not mine ( yet)

I just showed rob this pic and he just looked at me and said you can't need another something else that says Home on it! However I think I do, this is super cute again from Next.

Walking to the bus was the first time I got to see the Xmas lights in all their glory


We sadly got some more crappy boiler news basically it's not fixed and it's looking like another week and to top it off our house has been delayed by yet another 2 weeks! Can't believe it was due to be ready in September! So we are feeling pretty darn sorry for ourselves!

So we have come home for the weekend and by home I obviously mean home up north.

-pretty Xmas home mags and knitting while watching Children in Need!
Today we/rob drove the 20mins to The Scrapbook Shop it used to be such a treat

But I don't know if my tastes have changed or Sarah (cards) spoils me too much with pretty current things that I just food the shop a bit dated.

It did have some new stuff like the new Cosmo which I dont like but then it had paper from 2 yrs ago Weather Vane from OA but I guess I got to get a piece of my old favourite piece of paper the cloudy one!

Despite being a bit disappointed I managed to pic up a bit of stuff

Yay new alpha! I have been after a nice one for a while!

We then had a lazy afternoon/evening
and I did some knitting with my mam

Bed time now rob seems to think he is dragging me to a car boot sale tomo but I'm not so sure! Plus busy day catching up with family and my little Elijah!

Night night x

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Nicola said...

Stop leaving me out!

JO SOWERBY said...

empathising with the boiler problems. this time last year had the same thing and lived in my owqn house with a crappy boiler which always brokedown when i was on night duty!
loving the next goodies and i think u should get them anyway or ask for them for xmas/housewarming pressies. looking forward to seeing the finished knitting, i've gone off mine at the mo.
Jo xxx

Claireliz said...

Love the trees, I have a HOME sign, but it fell & broke & I havent fixed it yet... I have a broken home LOL!
Great iphone pics, I need to get me one of those:D

Ali M said...

Hi...just stumbled across yr lovely blog..!!
Can you tell me what make your acrylic alpha stamps are please??Ive been after a set like this for a while ,I want something my daughter can colour in..of course I wont need to use them ever !!LOL..


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