Tuesday, 9 November 2010


I like to make lists, i have made 3 today

1- things i need to do, its been great being on 2 scrappy weekends in a row but now i have a million things to do some fun things, lots of wrapping and post office trips for babies and birthday boys much to do.

2- cards, i swear its half my families birthday in the next month, i also need to make a million babies first xmas cards, which i am about to start

3- xmas/ birthday lists for people, having to be organised now as im not sure how busy we will be in december with the house.

Im feeling quite organised with presents, i have 2 xmas presents and lots of ideas, i have bought all the birthday presents i need.

i have also become addicted to a new app Instagram, its like twitter but photos, this is how my day has gone in photos today.
Our little heater, which Rob mum bought us last year, she got us a electric blanket the year, before i like her staying warm themed gifts lol p.s we may freeze without both of these presents.
Horrid bus ride today, the type that shows up 25 mins late, its packed, the type where u get bashed in the isle, the type where there are cocky loud kids, the type that make you 20 mins late for work.
Trip to the shops at lunch or said mentioned birthday presents.
the spooky way i walk home, this is the least spooky way, the other way is through the woods, i hate this way as it takes 3 times as long and we were never supposed to be in this stupid cold house when it was too dark to walk through the woods.

Ok i have ran out of time to post layouts must wrap and post and i have had a order for a brooch from my shop, its been very sad lately with no orders, so i need to make that.

Thanks for stopping by
Rach x
p.s today was also my first lunch time on my own as my lovely Heather has now left my work and I am sad.

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Claireliz said...

Good luck with your lists, my friend at work proudly announced she saw something on TV about a girl who has lists of everything that reminded her of me, she then said the show was called Freak Like Me (great mate huh?)I'm glad to know I'm not alone in my list making obsession.
Hope you get in the house soon


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