Sunday, 14 November 2010

Latest Sketch & weekend update

Hi, as i completely missed telling you about last months sketch over at Sarahs Cards, I thought i would be super quick so the new sketch is here .

You have to get your entry in by the 6th of December to be in with a chance to win a £10 e Voucher.
So this is what i did with the sketch
This is me and jo being bridesmaids in september. As most of the DT did the sketch at our weekend away, there are tons of our pages to give you a bit of inspiration.

Here is the page i did for last months sketch
Our very brief but fun camping trip.

Few things to update you on, we had a fab day together yesterday, here are a few snaps.
this is my mam on my phone skyping my sister, check out our little heater, more about that later.
My mam thought i had been burgled when she saw the state of my craft room, i admit its pretty darn messy but we are slowly trying to pack.

We of course went to Baa Ram Ewe which was sooo busy was madness.
this is a shot filtered on instagram loves it.

There was lots of chatting and tea drinking both not so much on my part, these women get on like a house on fire which is great.
And i even managed to get them to do a bit of packing

We also had some pants news, our boiler in this stupid house is broken and is going to take a week to get parts so we are freezing, and we have no hot water.
So weetabix, mitten and hot water bottles. Oh and nearly moving at Rob parents, which is where we are off to now for showers and to get warm.

We have done loads of packing today and a bit of house buying too yay! some fun things like the coolest xmas item ever and some boring but necessary like a house alarm eek!

Speaking of which

A roof and stairs yippee! We have been told we are getting the gas, water, and electricity turned on tomorrow and tuesday we will get all of the window yay! So close but yet so far.

Right i best go, i have my knitting ready too and my hands are too cold to knit here.
thanks for stopping by
rach x


Sarah xx said...

Oh wow - your house has shot up all of a sudden compared to some of the last pics - you must be getting excited ?? Sorry you are suffering without heating though - that's really rubbish when its so cold and wet outside. Keep warm with hugs I say xxx

Nicola said...

Hehehe fun fun! I wanna go to bre - thats a mighty fine looking scarf Mam is wearing ;)

Libby said...

I don't think packing is ever fun but it's going to be so worth it when you get to unpack everything in your new home :-). Looks like a fun time with your Mum.


{ Emma } said...

Looks like you had a lovely weekend - apart from being cold. Yay on your house being a step closer! It's looking good. X


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