Saturday, 21 August 2010

Weekend Plans

Hi gang, so I am home alone today so gonna have a chilled day, im planning on sitting and watching some old episodes of 4 Weddings, 16 and Pregnant and 17 and counting, i love all those type of shows so be hitting YouTube and doing some serious knitting.
This is what i want to get done today.

1- Finish my owl, he has been hanging around too long
2- ditto for my monster, he just needs a face
3- post more baby stuff to my friends
3- work on my secret project i started last night and already want to keep for myself!
4- do another 'section' of my Claptois
5- work on the yellow cardi, up until my friend wrote stop and ask me what to do lol
6- Bake either cookies or cakes i cant decide
7- Read some of my book that i keep falling asleep reading.
8- book hotel for laura's wedding, seriously how late am i leaving this

I think that will do for one day.

So few things going on in my little world are
I became addicted to these sandwiches, the Sweet Chilli Chicken is to die for
I fall asleep every night i go to read my book
I bought a hair dye, im getting all the nasty black chopped out tomorrow so i can finally die it again, i love this dye its so easy to use, i do plan on going red red but after the wedding weekend i think.
our fridge went from this, to......
this, completely spoilt for choice at the min. That slice of pizza is left overs from last night and plans on being my lunch today lol

Bee in my bonnet
I really want a bunny, not till we are in the new house and probably spring time but man i want one and he would be called Rupert, yet to talk rob into it, all else failed i will just get one like i just got lola lol. i have been missing lola pie loads lately, I love pets and am very sad not to have any. We/I am planning on setting up my fish tank again in the new house where i hope we will have better water than here.
I met this chap in the pet shop too
Fun isnt he? I would quite like a bird but rob doesnt like them being in cages.

This week i have also been listening to a bit of new music
Eliza Doolittle, loving this album
Think i like this album as much or not more than her first.
This guy is right up my street.

So i think thats is for now, gonna parcel up my parcels and hit the post office then get some knitting and trashy tv watched.
Hope you have a lovely saturday
p.s Rob rang and said my Cosmo, now if i hadnt let him use my bus pass today i would be off to town to get it.


Sally said...

hey.... I LOVE!!!! 16 and pregnant its great, i too love all those sort of programs, Jack hates them tho!

Bake a cake and decorate it! sounds yummy!

have a gret day hun xx

Sarah xx said...

Sounds like the perfect day - if you substitute scrapping for knitting!!! Love the slice of pizza in the fridge too. Go on - get the bunny, you know you want to!! xxx

{ Emma } said...

Sounds like a busy weekend, hope you've had fun and can't wait to see the crafty results of it!


Nicola said...

Urgh that bird is horrible. When will you be unveiling the monster?! xx

Jillian Deiling Cassity said...

wow did you get everything done this weekend? sounds like youve been busy!!
i love it when my fridge is full. :) I need to go stock up today actually, it's looking a little empty!

Louise said...

I have alexi Murdoch, rob really doesn't so he tends to be an iPod or in the car listen... Love song for you. Get a rabbit you need one;)


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