Thursday, 19 August 2010

Failing to resist

Friday tomorrow hurray! Sorry i havent been blogging properly, hectic kinda week but i wanted to show a couple of things tonight. I just spotted on Sarahs Cards that she has some new stuff in, well more specifically she has Cosmo the Togetherness is my favourite.
Its so pretty i was super good and only got a sheet each of the 12x12 and the 6x6 because they are super handy.
Im really looking forward to the new Crate
Cute huh, i love Crate, but im a bit disappointed by the school collection, maybe some of the reverse sheets would be ok.

Speaking of Sarah's the new challenge is up here
this is what i did using 'summer' photos
This is sadly what it looks like in the UK in summer, this was June, i think May is the nicest month weather wise. So head over to the blog to join in.

I also did a tiny little class over on the blog
10 Minute layout- for when you only have a spare 10 mins to scrap
So why not have a little go?

So tonight was knit night at Baa Ram Ewe, i was super naughty and bought something

I dont normally look at the books, i only have a handful of real life patterns, that arent ravelry downloads, so thi is my very first knitting book.
I have been lusting after a certain hat that has been in the window in BRE for ages, (be darned if i can find my photo of it)
but this is what it looks like in the book
Stripy fun huh, i cant afford the Sublime wool so i am going to use Kool Kotton which is what i am making my monster with.
i also love this one
and it has boy designs
and some cute kiddie versions of everything
So thats it for me, looking forward to the weekend, saturday will be mainly knitting but sunday i am heading UP north with my lovely Mil to visit my lovely mam. Im also getting my hair chopped whilst i am there, and be colouring it shortly after, very excited quite surprised i havent been arrested in the street for the state of my hair.

Right im gonna go and look at my pretty book
Rach xx


Nicola said...

Did you get married and not tell me?? Mil!!

JO SOWERBY said...

i'm coming up north today myself to the lovely sheffield, have a g8 weekend and loving the LOs
Jo xxx

Claireliz said...

Oh I love that wool wall, I need one of those :D
I've knitted that hat the boy is wearing, its was one of the first things I ever knitted


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