Friday, 16 July 2010


Hi gang flying visit, today is the day of my friends hen do, i cant say im not nervous, im not packed, i have no idea what to take eeekk. But what i wanted to share with you before i go is yet another soppy page, i seem to have been doing lots of them lately havent i? but anyway...
For those Twilight fans out there you might reconise the title well sort of from Eclipse, when Jacobs says to Bella loving him would be as easy as breathing, so i thought ooh thats pretty as i was in the cinema and scrapped it the next day lol.
So tomo is July 17th and that means one thing in our house ROBS BIRTHDAY! I am gutted to be missing yet another of his birthdays, the first year(2004) we were together i was in America doing the Camp America thing, and then in 2006 i was on a family holiday to Portugal, but managed to get back at like 11.30 at night and this time its Whitby.
You may recall these pics from his last rainy rainy birthday
So we are having a slightly delayed birthday this year, which will involved food, drink, presents and Toy Story 3!
Happy Birthday Robbie!

Right im running late im still not packed, i still have final touches to put to robs presents, and i have to go to work yet eekk.
Will try and blog some pretty Whitby pics or drunk hen photos lol
Have a good one xx


Liz said...

Have a great time!!

JO SOWERBY said...

be sure to avoid the vampires!!!!! remember the most vamireish vampire of all came to england there...........the count himself. of course im sure ud love to be vamped for the night but remember being a vampire isnt all its cracked up to be.
have a fab weekend whitby is lush,
Jo xxxx

Claireliz said...

Happy Birthday Rob & Have a great time Rachel. Keep an eye out for Dracula :D

Scraptastic Mel x said...

I saw the movie on Wednesday night and love that quote! Its a great layout and I like the use of the black and white pic with the fussy papers. Rob must be very understanding letting you go off on a hen do on his bday! Hope you had a good time!


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