Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Easy on the eye.....

So I only have 2 more Twisted Sketches left of my 'term' so this is this weeks.
My boy is so pretty, this photo was taken when he was a extra in the film Atonement, it was a crazy few days. But he does look jolly nice in his 'uniform'.
So this weeks sketch is Texture, so i used my embossing sheets and my cuttlebug, something im liking to do at the minute.
So just a few pics of my attempt to tidy my scrap room, its rather messy but i try lol
The top of my expedit, these frames are supposed to be for the new house but im not one for waiting lol
Then i had a tidy up of my wool, i got a blue box thing, they are so pricey for these expedits but this one was only £2 which is fab, but i do like to see all my things or i forget i have stuff.
So thats it for now, im at a Hen Do this weekend and have a few things to sort out tonight for it.
Thanks for Stopping by xx


JO SOWERBY said...

how exciting to be an extra, hope u told him keep well away from the evil keira!!!!!1 i havent seen the film yet but read the book. i'll keep my eyes peeled. i love those expedit boxes and have them in mine which is beech or something, i agree the others are way too expensive. good luck with the last few LOs and have fab hen weekend
Jo xxx

Scraptastic Mel x said...

I like the title on here...good little rhyme. I was wondering why he had blood all over his face! Like the textured hearts here!

Tarynne said...

wow, that's your 1 crochet project?! it looks wonderful! Mine was a scraf, and it was lopsided! lol, great job!!

Jenny said...

Thats so cool being in Atonement! It's like grown up dressing up :) I want your Expedit full of wool... it's like a personal yarn shop! x


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