Thursday, 17 June 2010

Is it the weekend yet?

I am having a bit of a icky week, Im training new people at work so constantly repeating myself and im pretty sure Im having a Ground Hog kinda week. Also my evenings have been going really quickly, so i thought i would stay up late last night and get stuff done turns out 1am rachel is a bit cranky the next day, so quite a flying blog post.
I have not showed you the knitted present i gave my lovely friend Heather , I made her this little cutie for her birthday a couple of weeks ago, she turned my favourite number 24!

Knitting and cupcakes, thats right cute huh!
I also made her this card

The previous day she had asked for 24's so she could do a fun blog post, so i thought i would cover her card in them lol.
So i also have my latest Twisted Sketches page to share with you, the twist this week is BOLD, so easy right, this is what i did, and i have to say i quite like it

longest title ever but worth it.
So thats all really, well tonight i went out for a couple of drinks, my lovely work chum Jen is leaving tomo for a new job and frankly im gutted

this photo was taken when we went out for heathers birthday not tonight.
As well as Jen going tomo my other lovely work friend lisa, is leaving to go and have another baby! I cant believe she is leaving me again for another year, i missed her so much last time and im gonna miss her more this time. We went out for tea tonight and have a couple couple of hours chatting about everything.

P.s it was this photo of my horrid hair that made me chop it off, thankfully its gone and tomo lisa will be too.
In other news, i am once again heading back up north for a couple of days (i know seriously weekends are mental) I am hosting a baby shower for my old school friend at home, so lots of baking and stuff (can you tell its my first time? )
So i have to go and back for that, but i cant pack her presents as i havent photographed it yet, its gonna be a early morning so i best go to bed now to prepare lol.
Will prob iphone blog over the weekend, have a good one, i hope its sunny for you.
P.s sorry about the underlines no clue how to fix it, anyone?

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Jen said...

Love your super long title!


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