Tuesday, 1 June 2010


So I thought I would stop by and show you what i have been sewing this weekend.
As I have mentioned i got a stack of fabric for the market, and loads of cheap cushions and followed this pattern well i kinda followed it.

So my last cushions i made have flopped the look shocking

so i gave it a little make over, I made this one like a pillow case but the inside flap was too short so it kept coming out so i did it the other way around.

so the flappy bit is on the outside, we actually use our cushions so they get squashed and squished so i think this is the best way for our house.

next i did this one at the front just a simple one colour cushion and its so poofy and lovely.

Next i got a bit experimental, inspired by all the lovely photos of Flickr i figured it wouldnt be too hard, so i chopped loads of strips of fabric and put them together. I got in a little ickle with the flap bit and didnt realise that the front also has the flap on, so i could of done with a few more inches.

so i put this giant button on to pin it down, cute huh, I also just did one colour on the back as it was a bit busy, but i love it.

During all my sewing i didnt really have time to make tea, so i go in the kitchen for a jaffa cake and find this

Rob peeling potatoes (in a special left handed way) yippee he was making tea.
So i got back to sewing
Next up was the giant dog bed, it took a while but i finally cut into my beautiful Amy Butler fabric, i have had this couple of metres since september and nothing was worthy but i decided just to go for it.

Front :)

back, well you cant have enough pretty polkadots huh!

Im pretty proud of my days sewing, I felt a bit bad kinda leaving rob all day on our only day off together so went to 'check' on him

his Wii seemed to be keeping him entertained. (excuse my giant knitting pile thats taking over the living room, note to self must tidy up before ma and pa visit at the weekend eeeekk)
So you impressed? I also have some knitting things to share but i dont want to overload you do I? If you know of any cute housey sewing projects then please point me in the right direction.
Right i best get back to knitting, and im going to try and make friends with crochet again tonight, if i can remember where i put it lol. thanks for stopping by, your comments are soo appreciated so keep them coming. Thanks guys xx


Anne said...

Very, very pretty! I love the fabrics you have chosen.

Jo said...

Fantastic cushions, I love the bright colours. I really don't know where you find the time or energy to do everything you do.......any chance of passing some my way?!? :o)

Laura said...

Well done you! Your cushions look fabulous. I love the colours.


Nicola said...

Excellent job! Dont know how you find time to go to work! x

Scrappin' Sam said...

Love your cushions. Great to see a man peeling potatoes!

libby said...

Love the cushions. And how lucky are you having your hubby cook you dinner?



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