Sunday, 9 May 2010


So it appears to be mothers day in every other country other than the UK funny huh!

So as promised i have a few new items for my shop first is the brooch but in teal yum!

pretty huh! I know lots of people arent pink people so thought would offer this colour, coz who doesnt like teal huh?
I have also made some new hairbands

cute? i am working on the teal version today. So thats enough plugging of the shop.

I have some pages to share with you I did weeks ago and still not got around to sharing them.

A page about my lovely santa- As you may know i started making Santa for Robs mum (he has a mum not a mam) last summer and since finishing it i basically havent stopped knitting, completely addicted so i thought i would do a little page how i am thankful for santa for this.

This was the tea dance day ( remember that?) anyway our lovely creative afternoon of crochet, cakes and cards.

So today I have also been making lists, I like lists, I asked Rob today if i could have some of the pennies from our house funds to buy some pretty things whilst i was down south next month. Safe to say he said no and listed a huge list of boring things we need first, carpets, fridge, loo roll holders, bins, boring so i have been making a need and want list, the want list is much bigger than the need list, so then that was depressing so i started looking at lovely photos on one of my new favourite sites. We heart it .com

photo sourse here how pretty is that! those chairs are awesome, i really like the shelves too i think i would like shelves.

source how cute is this, this looks like Sjs work perhaps she would pop on a little train for a few little hours and paint one on my wall yes?

ooh i likes this - source

i had better stop or i will be here all day and naturally i have a ton of stuff to do.

ok one more -source cute, have a happy sunday xx



Anonymous said...

Very pretty brooches!

I love the pics of the houses, I will need to start collecting images like that once we have sold our flat and bought a house!

Rachael said...

Fab pages Rachel, love the creative afternoon one!

JO SOWERBY said...

i'm loving that tree and shelves combo very much. i think sj would agree as long as you feed and water her well. i love all ur ideas for ur new home, it will be g8 to see them as u settle in. loving the new flowers and i at last found that errant photo of me in my beautiful boe hairband i bought from you. take a look and hope u sell these new things quickly.
Jo xxxx

Cath said...

Love that teal brooch :)

Becky said...

Lovely pages - and I want that whole kitchen, not just the chairs!


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