Sunday, 30 May 2010

Our Girl

Hi guys, I hope you are having a great weekend, weather has been a bit pants but i had a great day on saturday baking cakes with my lovely friend Fran, i also taught her how to sew (pics to follow).
So i know i said i would draw the give away on saturday night but i thought i would wait for any more weekend entries so plan to do it tomo.
So as i mentioned earlier this week, I scrapped a lovely photo of my lovely Lola.

I have to say its one of my favourites ever, I am going to frame in shortly.

So today I headed to the new house wanna see how its going? Me and Robs mum went on a bit of a trek into our future neighbours garden and peered over the fence into what will be my garden

bricks, we have bricks :)

this is what its supposed to look like when its finished.
Well I have had a busy evening of sewing tonight, will take some pics tomo. So im off to go and keep rob company and knit Nellie's other ear, then shes finished so might show you that tomo if you are good. Hope you like my little lola page xx


Debbie said...

Love your Lola page - it is a super cute photo!

libby said...

Hi Rachel,

Love, love, love the layout. So glad you're going to frame it. And oh, my gosh, how cute is your house going to be? Bet you can't wait till you move in.


Cath x said...

Wow, that's gonna be a seriously cute house!

My simple life said...

love the lo. Bet you cant wait till your house is done. :)

Jenny said...

Ooooh! House looks like it's taking shape! How long til it's done?? Love lola, she is a very cute furbaby :) xx

Clare said...

Your Lola page is absolutely gorgeous, she truly is a beautiful hammy! C x

Anonymous said...

Aw, gorgeous page Rachel well worth being framed. :)x

Jen said...

gorgeous page :)


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