Friday, 28 May 2010

Because I want to......

I have no will power when it comes to pretty stuff, and as me and rob headed to Holmfirth last saturday i knew we would come home with some pretty things for the house, wanna see......

This is a huge metal wall decoration, its about 3 ft long and its super pretty, and really reminded us of the lovely tree we got on which hangs in the living room which we got in Eastbourne.

Loved this combo of colours as well as the hearts and the polkadots seriously how could i resist?

Cute who doesnt love heart shaped photo frames?

cute cute bird, yes?

My little pile of stash, credit must go to Rob for taking the photos, i text him on his day off something like ' can you take photos of the pretty things we bought but make them arty' lol he did a good job didnt he?
Now when it comes to willpower, I will be good and save these for the new house, pretty sure i will put photos in them now though, but as they are all hanging on the wall things we arent doing that anymore, just another hole my dad has to poly filler in, oh I mean me and rob lol.
But some things i have just given in and used like.....

our pretty new bed spread, its all bright and fun.
So what else has been going on this week? On sunday we did the giant monthly shop and picked up some bargain tulips yippee, tulips i my favourite, and these were £1.05 each woo.

Lush huh! the red ones have just about bitten the dust (died) but the yellow ones are doing great still.
So knitting, I have been knitting every day at every opportunity i get, i actually started something new this week, wanna see?

you wouldnt believe the difference in colour, that natural light gives. So for the very observant amongst you, you will have noticed that im knitting with a fat needle (15) and a little one (5) which gives this funny holey effect. Now i dont have a photo because my friend wrote the pattern out for me from a magazine but its cute, strange to knit but fun.

I also frogged my baby blanket, i was supposed to only go back to the mistake bit got in a pickle so it ended up all coming out. So 2 hours later i had my first line

I know if i give it time i will get there but i like things to happen fast but i have so many plans to make these blankets so i have to get better, although.... i spotted this lush blanket on Location Location (yes i made rob pause it so i could take a photo)

From the looks of this beauty its knitted, ( i think) so if all else fails with crochet then i can knit some cute blankets.
Right thats a insane amount of blogging, please dont forget to enter the give away, only have 2 so far so feeling a bit unloved.
I have a lovely sewing and possibly baking day planning with my lovely friend tomo, hope you have a great saturday whatever you are up too.
Night x


Jillian Deiling Cassity said...

hey that is sooo awesome that you knit and crochet too, youre soo good!
i adore the new things that you picked up for the house AND your bedspread is so droolworthy!! :)
Thank you so much for sending me the link to the 20 minute skirt. It looks so easy and I want to make about a thousand of them now, lol!!
have a great weekend!!! :)

My simple life said...

love the new stuff. well done rob! lol.

Micayla said...

you sound like me. I always have to buy pretty things, even if bills need paying. I love what you treated yourself too.
Have a lovely weekend.

Scraptastic Mel x said...

OOhhh I will have to check out Holmfirth now we are on half term. I like all your new bits - I am a polka dot lover too! I will link to your shop on my next post. x

Jacquie said...

I cant wait till I finally move and can buy some nice shiny new stuff to play with!!

Im loving tulips too, got myself some last Sunday and has really cheered my room up having some lovely flowers in so think they will be a regular feature now!

Lou-Lou said...

Just thought I would let you know that the blanket you took a pic of is made by Mamaa and Papas so if you google the catalogue you can get a better look at it. I have one for my new baby boy and its just as gorgeous in real life!!!

Sally said...

ooooh loou beat me to it, the blanket is inded mamas and papas, and is 100% adroable in real life, honestly, if you make one let me know, pop it in the shop and ill but it, as i have been hanging over buying that blanket for an absolute age now, but keep thinking, £32 for a baby blanket seems a LOT!!!

Jen said...

Haha I was just about to say that's the mamas and papas gingerbread blanket, isn't it fab!
Love all your new home purchases, especially the home panel.

libby said...

Love the goodies that you bought for you new home. Thanks to you and Heather I am making sure I leave PLENTY of room in my suitcase so I can buy lots of yummy things :-). My DH is rather worried :-).


Rachel said...

the blanket is on offer i noticed (i googles it) i think its a bit of a bargain, cost more than that to buy the wool, i assume its machine knit but to knit by hand would take a good while. thanks though xx


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