Monday, 3 May 2010

Free day off

I love bank holidays so much, i hate the feeling on a sunday night where you havent got through your giant list of things you wanted to do, so i often go to work feeling all irritated, but today i get a extra day yippee!

So did I mention Rob has been away all weekend so i've pretty much been on my lonesome, but i have been trying to get lots done.

I took photos, sad to say these pretties are now dead!

I took photos in the garden.

Yesterday I had a lovely visit from one of my oldest friends from school, who is expecting one of the many July babies (all in the same week if not the same day might i add), we sat looked at old photos, went for lunch, looked at stupid baby names, looked at baby shower ideas. I have offered to host a baby shower so thats exciting, so if you have any advice games ideas etc let me know.
We also nipped to tesco to look at the cute baby stuff

So as most of my friends are having 'surprise' babies I have noticed the serious lack of neutral baby stuff, everything is beige or white, seriously what is wrong with red, or green.

What else oh yes, i entered a competition over at Dotcomgifts, you had to take a photo of your favourite item and upload it on facebook. I submitted this

oohh pretty, which reminds me i also did a page about my love for my little red jug

and speaking of pretty jugs, check out this beauty

literally need this!
so anyway the competition i didnt win it but they sent me a few little prizes how cute are these

cute huh? we have quite a few magnet boards round the house to magnets are very welcome in out house.
So today i have a few things planned,

I have had this cute mailbox for seriously ages and today is the today its going to be made pretty!
I'm aiming to go for a bike ride, i made Rob get my bike out from under the stairs at like 6.30 on saturday morning so i must use it before he gets back.
What else oh yes i will be launching some new items in my shop The funky Beau .
Im really excited about the new things, as they are maybe a little more wearable, i fully understand that bows in your hair arent for everyone so just hang on a few more hours and there will be something to see, (or however long it takes me to resize the photos/ take the photos lol)
So thats it for now, best get on with my list, first finish a layout, then the mailbox, then who knows!
Hope you are having a super weekend x


Elaine said...

Hi Rachel - have a look in a boots that sells baby clothes - they do a lovely range in white with red green and orange in it...also some of the bits have owls!!! x

Sarah xx said...

Lovely flowers Rachel!
Thanks for your comment but its all relative - you have a lovely man and a new house to enjoy/look forward to in your life!! I don't have either??? Enjoy the rest of your free day off! xx

Clare said...

Gorgeous layout, the papers work so well. C x


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