Saturday, 1 May 2010

Change of Plan

Hi guys so how has your NSBD been? I did a total of no scrapbook pages lol, my day didnt quite go to plan but i had lots of fun with lovely Natalie who managed one page, before we were whisked off to a knitting shop with my MIL (whisked in a good way). We went to The knitting Shop which is in Armley.

Lots of lovely stuff in there, then back to mine to work on some Shop things (I have sold 2 today and only 1 more to go till i have sold 10) so exciting shop stuff going on.
But what i originally was supposed to be blogging about was my washing up! thats right!

is it not the prettiest washing up you have ever seen?

these are my pieces i got yesterday i got 2 bowls and 2 plates, the bowls dont match doh! but they are near enough, i was really surprised to see how much had gone from the day before, but im told they like never ever do sales, so im really pleased with all my purchases.

So thats all for today, i dont show you any of the knitting/crochet stuff i have been doing today, but soon, which reminds me if anyone bought a bow would be kind enough to leave feedback i would really really appreciate it. Also i wanted to say a HELLO to my new followers, i got a extra 3 today which is very exciting so HIYA!
Right i must get this film watched, I was a bit naughty and got a few from Blockbuster so i have to watch them lol bye x


Glen said...

Ooo...I had to go get my sunglasses for this post Rachel! *Ü* LOL. All the yummy colours looks like a sweety shop. Those dishes could be a potential OCD case! I would want to wash them just for the sake of it! Lovely layouts too. TFS. ~Glen~

Sarah xx said...

Fab washing up Rachel - so pretty - those bowls and plates are gorgeous - are you gonna share where you got them from? xx

Poinz said...

Hi! I bought a blue bow from you and hv got to say I absolutely love it! affordable handmade unique fasion accessory =) and you've got flowers now too! Way to go!


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