Sunday, 25 April 2010

Weekend in a nutshell

Hi guys, so i thought i would do a photo heavy post with little words, coz im just in that kinda mood tonight.

Sat morning - finish Beau order

Bike yes bike to the park, how lucky are we to have this on our doorstep?

sat like this most of the day, me propping rob up so we could both read

yes i am aware i look like a giant in these photos

Then bike home up a killer hill, which is the reason i cant move today, and remember to take photos of the pretty flowers in the garden for my mam, so these are just for you ma

This is in the pot on my front step

these are all on the front garden

Pretty huh, so rest of day pretty much scrapped and knitted, cant show you any of it coz its either Twisted SKetches stuff or birthday related doh!

The sun was shining but i need my winter slippers, i officially have the coldest feet on the planet, why i ever thought getting a tattoo on my foot was a good idea i will never know coz no one ever sees it.

started with secret birthday knitting then these

then secret scrapping, then more then this....

my 100s of layouts finally found their way into albums.
I have today made a 2010, chums, random things, 2008.
turns out I need more as i still have a pile, of pre 2008 and other stuff.
Well thats my weekend in a nutshell, i have been working on more ideas for my little shop so keep ya eyes peeled.
Right im off to start one of many baby cardigans, so bored of going round and round on what im working on now lol but thats a secret shhhh!


leah said...

hi rach, i had to comment on that photo of u two together, u do look like a giant, its quite scary, rob looks like one of those little people!!! lol, p.s, uks me ur address and i'll send u the love elsie, xx

Rachael said...

That was very energetic cycling to the park Rachel! Looks lovely there though. Cookies look yummy, now be honest how many are left?!?!?

Jill Cassity said...

it sounds like you had a fun and busy weekend! :)
I'm so glad to hear you got your layouts organized into albums!! I am known to let my layouts and stuff pile up too, lol!
Those hairbows are too cute! love the photos of you and your man, your flowers are beautiful!!

Jenny said...

Thats alot of LO's! Bet you feel better for sorting them out :D


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