Saturday, 24 April 2010

10 Favourites

So are you sitting comfortably? as i had a little idea for a blog post. As i sit and scrap i reach for the same things all the time so i thought i would do a little review of my favourite things, fun huh? in no order other than how they appear in my saved items.........

Number 1- my tab punch, i bought this at the Sarah's Cards Retreat and i love it, you can use it on any page and it was under a tenner bargain huh- you can get on here

Number 2- (hee hee) is my trimmer, now i wasnt a trimmer girl at all, not even a ruler and knife girl, i would just cut everything with scissors, until i got this bad boy, a few of the girls had it at the DT weekend, its awesome and i love that you can change the blades to all pretty shapes, you can get on here

Number3- my ATG gun this is fairly new but i love it, i really begrudge spending money on herma and as im a pretty quick scrapper i was going through it quickly.But this thing is great the tape is a couple of quid maybe and it lasts a long time i got mine here for a bargain £9.44

Number 4- MM Blooms and buttons, i love these, i bought a pack a couple of years ago and have never found them since, they are about £8 ish but you get loads in them and the colours are awesome, i was lucky enough that my friend got me some when she was last in Florida.

Number 5- yet another new addiction i picked up from Sarah's (shes a pretty bad influence huh?) I will admit i am pretty tight when it comes to embellishments i just dont like paying for them as they tend to cost loads but these are £2.99 and you get loads and its not like you put the whole packet on one page. Anyway i have been using these since for a while now and really like them, and have just noticed how many other sets they are while finding them for you doh! they are here

Number 6- this memo book is really cute and you get loads of sheets another new favourite item in my collection you can get on here

Number 7- and new on my list, I think i mentioned i fell out with my Dymo machine a while ago but then i changed machines to this one, my mate gave me this one ages ago and i had never used it (sorry) but started when i had my mass clear out and love it once again, no link just google it lol

Number 8- Glue sticky subject hee hee but i am loving this glue it dries quick doesnt get clogged up, also it has a fat end and a thin end, top of my list you can get one here

Number 9- Now who doesnt love these tiny little letters? and literally every manufacture has them out but i like these new range from My little shoe box, they are seriously bright and fun, you can get them here the range i have are called Kiss and are hot pink cute!

Number 10- literally the best invention ever!!!!!! I LOVE Kraft, i think it makes every page better, i seriously struggle not to use it on every page because i just love it sooo much, you will notice i very rarely use colour bazzil, i bought 2 packs of this and 2 white swiss dot last September in Florida and am just running out, as it happens i have just bought more tonight, you can buy it in single sheets or in the packs here

So thats my top favourites at the min, just like to point out that i am not sponsored by Sarah's Cards i just happen to buy most of my stuff from there lol.

Anyway moving on to paper.
So if you hadnt gathered from my last post this is my favourite collection pack ever!

Early Bird by Cosmo, its so dreamy, its not often you find a pack and you love every piece. However this sheet is my favourite.

I prefer the red dots, because they are the greatest thing ever.

Lillian is another one of my favourites, just because its so versatile and looks so nice with Kraft.
Some of my favourite odd sheets are......

I love cloud papers, well when its done right, i loved this so much i nearly had these clouds tattooed on me somewhere but couldnt decide where was discreet enough doh!

the apple paper ( not the flowery thing) this apple paper is so cute but tricky to get hold of now

yeah so its pretty much all October Afternoon isnt it? this paper is fab i used it very sparingly when i had it, and the blue liney one was great too would love to get my mitts on more

The one of the left is also one my love forever list.

So onto new stuff, so it would appear a trend is happening, i like Crate, Cosmo and October afternoon, although i havent bought much of the recent OA or any of the older Crate.
However although i bought a 'double deck' of Cosmo i dont much like it, i have google reader'ed the blog in a attempt to like it but i do like this range

I'll be honest i was surprised too, it is all the B sides the others are a bit too boy like but the b sides are really nice.

I love this new Crate range Brook the other ranges are super cute too but this is the best.
Its really useable and the 'Kraft' factor is very much present here.

Yep i literally just bought this and have gone back for more ( the bigger sheets) its really cute and again bright and summery without being too loud.

Well thats my little review, so what are your favourites? are any of my favourites your favourites too?
Just a couple final things its the lovely Sjs Blog Birthday and she has a cracking giveaway so head over there and check out her early pages hee hee
Also my buddie Heather has a cute giveaway on her blog too so check it out, but you can only go and visit them if you promise to keep coming back after the giveaways are over lol.
Well i hope you have stuck around till the bitter end, this post has literally taken a hour to do and probably taken you a hour to read lol
hope you liked it, thanks for stopping by, comments are very much welcome and brighten up my little day :)


TwinTrouble said...

Your forgiven for the Dymo... Not used mine in quite a while either... just hope you get lots of use from it now you've refound it... LOL Don't forget Coredinations cardstock cut into small strips looks great having gone through the Dymo :)

Loving the look of the Crate papers... but trying to be good and am resisting so far :)

Jackie xxx said...

Love your top 10, Definiately Kraft and OA are the best - well for this year LOL.

Claireliz said...

Great faves list Rachel, I have one of those punches on my to buy list:)

Debsg said...

Gadgets are us! lol Great post.

Glen said...

Lovely idea for your blog Rachel. It's interesting to see what other's see as their faves. TFS. ~Glen~

Heather said...

great top 10:) I'd love a file tab punch, its on my to buy list :)


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