Friday, 5 March 2010

Woo girl!

This is a phrase I have picked up from How I met your mother! Anyone watch it? It's awesome.
Anyway, this morning I have woken up in a lovely hotel after a hectic evening, I left Wk early n got on a train to the Sarahs cards retreat.

-this is the funny sleeping man on the train. After a nice chat with the rest of the DT we got to Wk.

Boxes n boxes of stuff and I was on charge of unpacking the Cosmo yippee!!!

There is so much stuff here it's unreal, including some new ranges not on the website yet. Be excited ladies very excited, & oohh the goodie bags :),
Right I caught up with emails my rrs blog feed. Best get up have a full English breakfast n get back to those boxes!
Have a great Friday n if u are coming today I shall see u at 3.30 & not a second before lol x

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nikki said...

oooooooh want to leave home NOW - forget getting the kids to school - let me at that shop :):)


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