Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Have you met Ruffy?

I guess not, when i lived at home i had a awesome bunny, shes was called Ruffles and she was a bit mental, which didnt help when i got 2 more rabbits lol, so i thought i would scrap this lovely pic of my old bunny.

How i convinced my parents to let me have a rabbit is beyond me, but 3! thinking back i have no idea how i did that.
So speaking of pets at the time of the bunnies i also had a giant fish tank which was just awesome, back in the day when i could keep fish for longer than a week lol, so i did this page

At the time of having this 2ft fish tank, i also had 3 other tanks in my bedroom, again no idea how that happened, fish were our thing when we were young ( and our i mean me and my friend).We spent our saturdays in little pet shops it was great fun.

Well i just thought i would share those with you, bit of a flying visit, i have to finish packing for the retreat which i am going on tomo yippee! i'm so excited and the fact i have the whole of next week off work is very exciting.
I will try and iphone blog while i am going but it will just iphone naffy photos, but better than nothing right?
Well i'm gonna pack clothes today as i took all my scrappy stuff and left it at work so i don't have to struggle on the bus to work, i'm not thinking about the train journey yet lol, but its direct so once i'm on, i'm on lol.
thanks for stopping bye xx


Jackie xxx said...

Enjoy your retreat, love the layouts.

Heather said...

Bunny! I like your sewing on your LO. Have fun at the retreat, don't think of work too much lol xxxx

Claireliz said...

Cute bunny, & fab LO's


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