Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Earth to Rachel

I literally hadnt noticed i hadnt blogged since saturday! that is not like me at all is it now? Basically i dont have a great deal to show you, i have been up to grown up things.... wanna see.....???

Me and rob are in the process of buying a house, a new house! buying it! scary biscuits!!!
Its lush, this one is the show home and looks so pretty but ours will also look awesome, very early stages but getting there. So most of my time has been devoted to that really, its a 3 bedroom 3 story house or is it storey if its not a story book? anyway its very pretty and we are excited, not ready until late summer whenever that is lol.

So other than buying houses, i have been working on a little class for the Sarahs Cards blog, but got a little behind on that, i was supossed to do all the instructiosn this week having finished it on saturday, but my lovely friend natalie is going to Florida on friday and said i could get in on a online Joanns order, so i ordered tons of yarn to make these.......

think i ordered yarn in shocking pink, surely out of 7 someone will have a girl lol

Still not sure im clever enough to make this but i thought i would try, think mine is in raspberry

had this on my list a while and be excited to get started, so several dollars later and i cant wait for Nat to get back lol, bet she will kill me for saying that lol, but in the mean time i have a baby blanket on my needles and a baby cardi hhmmm getting there slowly but havent been knitting much this week, well apart from on the bus today and on my lunch.

This evening i have been to the cinema, dont you just love orange wednesday?
We went to see Princess and the Frog- for those who dont know we are mad on Disney in this house but not in a tacky way in a history type way, rob owns all the dvds, of first colour animation, sound, etc etc so we were very excited to hear a 2nd feature animation was heading our way and it didnt disappoint. For those debating if they should go or not just do it, its not really girly if you are worried about taking boys so here are a few stills to make you go oooohh

Pretty huh! the music is so pretty so go see it now!
thats all for now, im going to knit night tomo yippee is been a while and im excited.
Thanks for stopping by my lovelies xx


beksynormz said...

Huge congrats on the house hun. My friend has a 3 storey house like that and it's fab, I would so wanna live in that show home!! xx

JO SOWERBY said...

ideal home or whaqt, i thought it was ur new look!!!!! looks amazing and loads of cool ideas for decoration, does this mean extra people coming into ur house?
knitting looks g8, love the new cowl/scarf contraption, and cabling........mega knitting.
Jo xxxx

Rachel said...

Certainly no extra people on the horizon, perhaps a bunny! But would really have to talk rob into that one lol

hotpotato said...

Good luck with the house buying, another exciting chapter in yours and Rob's life.

Clare said...

That show home looks lush, I dream of tidy houses! LOL
I have to say since following your blog I have got hooked on knitting and I've taught myself to crochet, thanks for the inspiration!C x

Sarah xx said...

Wow! At first I thought you'd had a massive tidy up but no - how exciting and scary!! That show home looks fabby but yours will look better - 3 bedrooms huh? I bet one will be a craft room - then we can come over to play?? xx

Debbie said...

Exciting house news - looks fab!

I am going to see The Princess & The Frog tomorrow with the girls while DH goes to see Astro Boy with the boys!


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