Wednesday, 23 December 2009

White Christmas?

Not in my life time have we had a white xmas but with the big day nearly upon us everything is still very white here.We had fun over the weekend in the snow when my sister came to stay.
On friday whilst i was at work Rob took some fab photos in our local woods

On saturday me and my sis headed to Headingly to go to Baa Ram Ewe again

We came back and went to the woods to take photos with people in them lol

Then on sunday me and rob went to the xmas market where it actually snowed!

So that was my weekend in photos, this week is going very slow being stuck at work, i finish at 2pm tomo where my dad is coming to collect me to take me home for xmas. Hope everyone is enjoying the snow x


Debbie said...

How perfect to get snow at the Xmas market - where was your hat woman!!

Scraptastic Mel x said...

Hi Rachel,
I have been following your blog for a while as I too live in Leeds and love scrapping. It was funny to keep seeing you getting published in Scrapbook Inspirations. All these pictures are places my boyf (actually now hubby!) and I love to go. I love the pictures taken in the snow, it is really difficult to get good pics in the snow as the light is never right.
Did you get any exciting stash for Christmas?
I now have a blog, but as I am at my parents I haven't loaded any scrapping pics on, but will soon.


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