Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Woo excited? i think so, i am so looking forward to being off work! no festive cheer to have in our office at all and im glad when i leave at 2pm tomo i dont have to go in for 10 day!

Anyway what i was going to share you is Twisted Sketch #029 nice easy twist this week to use red or gold, how easy is that at xmas? so this is what i did

Christmas Day 1992- this feels forever ago but i can still remember it seeing all the presents i can remember them all, and my gorgeous sammy dog in his favourite place on my knee getting attention, well some i was quite interested in my new Lady and the Tramp Video.

On another xmas note i did a xmassy page for the sarahs cards blog donkeys ago

Ahh the red cup, i am treating myself to one tomo as its my last day and im excited. The chipboard cup i have had for about 2 years i got in a gogo kit and have never known what to do with it before, i dont do tea or coffee so i was stuck but now i like hot choc so pleased i could use it.
Right still a million hats to knit so best go, if i dont see ya have a awesome Christmas xx


JO SOWERBY said...

merry xmas rachel and safe journey home
Jo xxx

Debbie said...

I've got that cup knocking about somewhere, in fact I distrinctly remember taking lots of pics of my eldest drinking a v big hot choc on holiday with that cery cup in mind, now where is it ........
In other news, I've never had a red cup.


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