Monday, 28 December 2009


Rob is back to work today so i had a lazy morning in bed where i finally finished

I have been reading this book for months, I stopped and started sometimes it got a bit scary as in who lives who dies i darent read on which is why i have taken so long as well as just not wanting the book to end. But its been hanging over my head for a long time and today i did it. I of course wont give anything away but i am pleased with the ending, and looking forward to re reading and doing the audio books and doing a bit of internet searches without the fear i will find out how it ends. So i feel very satisfied that i have finished it. I encourage you to read them, i have loved them and they will always be in my collection.
I am currently debating if i am sad enough to re buy the first book as i have the film cover and i want them all to match- sad i know but i think i am just that sad lol.
Right onto other things, i havent had chance to take any photos of my new toys but here are a few things i got, do not judge me for my taste in DVDS :)

So i have plenty to keep me busy, however it doesnt stop me from lingering outside the spare bedroom where i know all my birthday presents are, just 2 days to wait but they are 2 days alone in the house lol
Right im off to play with my toys and have a sort and maybe a bake.

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Debbie said...

OMG lushness overload!!!
I got £100 vouchers for Capture the Magic - that's got to be good - but don;t think they do cupcakes! LOL


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