Sunday, 27 December 2009

The Day after the days before

Merry Christmas all, i hope everyone had a lovely time and got a little time of work, a few presents, and time spent with family.
After my hectic xmas eve i was ready for a few days off, i have been doing a little Picasa collage to save you from 1000's of photos so here is how my past few days went.

Christmas Eve walk through to the woods to the bus stop, as you can see the snow was pretty heavy.

Christmas Eve - couple of hours spent at my Auntie and Uncles new farmhouse (think Kirstys homemade xmas house!)
We had a good catch up having not seen each other for a long time. They even lit me a little birthday cake in advance!
Back home to wrap all the presents i had delivered home, then bed.
Earlyish morning- well getting later every year

Lots of lovely presents and great to have the whole family there, luckily the roads had cleared enough for Rob to join us too yippee!
This is his with his new toys- literally toys

Slinky Dog from Toy Story and Morph book ends

Some more fun and games

and of course our family photo!

I got my granny Twilight and this photo makes me very happy be very excited if she got as into it as i am, we already share a love of Harry Potter so be great if she liked this too.
Right xmas night, me and rob drove back to leeds before the snow started to get ready for xmas day part 2 at his families house.
We woke up early and had a little nip to the sales we got some very nice bits- no photos as yet.
Before lunch we made a snow mickey in the garden

It was a really mild day but i still couldnt feel my hands and feet by the end of it

And here he is snow Mickey kind of.
Back inside for some lunch

Then we headed back home so Lola could open her presents

So a great couple of days, and a very lazy day today, im trying to ignore all the stuff piled in the hall, and the fact we should go to tesco,
Thats all for now off to dig out all my toys and take pics with a quick nip to the pub to catch up with some friends, hope you all had a lovely day and got lots of lovely things x

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Debbie said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Mickey Mouse looks more like one of those Natwest Piggy Banks that you used to get!!! Still pretty impressive though!!
Looks like you had a crazy hectic few days


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