Sunday, 13 December 2009

I like making stuff

I think im addicted to making stuff, well i think i have officially given up on JYC which is a shame, thought i would catch up this weekend but i have been having far too much fun knitting so think thats it.
Anyway yesterday i got to making a hat which i finished last night im super proud of it, so i went on a little shoot with rob today to take some photos of it.
Forgive the poseyness (yes its a word)

Im pretty proud of it, and i prompt made another for someone for xmas so just busy finishing my 3rd at the mo yippee, then i have some mitts to make and a hat for rob. I told him this morning i was gonna make him one of them trend boy slouchy hats, which he isnt too sure about but i think he will look rather lovely in it, so figured if i make it he has to wear it right.
So i mentioned it this morning and all day hes been like when you making my hat when will it be done etc etc LOL so plan to start that tonight.
This is what i plan on making

here is a little peak at my night last night

Knitting, PJS and Twilight, actually i was home alone so i watched twilight for the 2nd time and then thought i would watch it again with the commentary so i have now seen it 3 times in a week lol
Tomo i am going to a new knit night with my mate Natalie, she went the other week but i was busy only like 3 other people but all similar age which helps sometimes.
Anyway i thought i would share some layouts with you

This page was inspired by the song The Climb by erm.. Miley Cyrus i know but its really good, i havent done the journalling yet but surely be something along the lines of how im not quite where i wanna be just yet etc etc

These photos arent the most flattering but thought they were funny, used some paper that is completely not me but thought it went well.
Right im off to do more knitting i thinks. Thanks for stopping by x

Edited to just let you know where you can get this hat pattern its called Autumn for those who are on raverly, im in there obviously 'reward' look me up.
Or you can buy the pattern at Etsy and more of this fabby girls work here


Debbie said...

Hat looks great, and like the boy one you have in the pipeline too.

leah said...

Luuurrrve ur hat, wish i could knit like that, the man one looks gr8 too, i spend my life in hats and my dh keeps nicking mine!!!


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