Thursday, 19 November 2009

Knitters Delight

So tonight i have just got in from here

Love this shop, and this is where i head to most thursday nights, i dont know anyone but everyone is lovely and i tend to go with a million questions and they are always super happy to help. But tonight was a special night, they have bought the empty shop next door to make it into a giant super shop!

how exciting and the launch night was made even better as by the fact that Ysolda Teague was going to be there. Being a newbie i didnt really know how she was but i had a look through her first book and its super cute but anyway she was officially opening the shop and there to launch her new book.

So here is everyone lining up outside to get in the new shop, people stare in the shop enough as it is when they walk past, but being as there was maybe 30 of us all lined up in the street, well they had a good old gawp on the bus.
But ooh pretty things were in the shop

Verity welcoming Ysolda to Leeds

Verity (the shop owner) and a cute hedgehog

Some super cute none knitting stuff in the shop

Now seriously knitting needles with mushrooms, yes please santa! I WOULD LOVE THESE hint hint!
I even had time to have a little lesson on buttonholes yippee so think know how to do them.

So apart from knitting, this weekend we are heading to Lincoln, we both went to University in Lincoln ( for those to dont know) and this is where we met so it will always be super special, however we havent been for 3 years in fact the last time we were there i was doing this

I'm super excited about going up 'the hill' it has lots of lovely little shops and at the top is this

Lincoln Cathedral where i was luck enough to have graduated.
Well thats all for now, we are planning on hitting Ikea tomo night then going straight to Lincoln on sat morning.

One final thing, my sister lives in melbourne and tomo (today for her) is her last day at work before she leaves that job forever and she is heading back to good old England next week for 6 weeks yippee so enjoy your last day nicky

have a nice weekend x


JO SOWERBY said...

enjoy lincoln and ikea don't spend too much!!!!
luving the kniting needles, does the shop have a webpage?
jo xxx

Micayla said...

I popped over from Sally's blog and I am glad I did!
Loving all the scrappage, lots of inspo' going on and I love the quilts. I have just started making them myself, and I am on my first one.


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